Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Answer lies

In the soft breeze that blows across your face and makes you feel alive
and the hurricane that sweeps across the face of the earth and makes you pray for life
the innocent toothless grin of a toddler about to embark on his life's journey
and the toothless grin of an 80 year old who has seen everything on his life's journey
the starlit sky that makes you humble and contemplative of life
and the stars that can predict everything that happens in your life
the minds of those who left their progenitors to live their own life
and in the minds of those whose are left by their progeny to live their own life
the white blood cells whose cancerous growth threatens life
and the defficiency of white blood cells in the immune system that threatens life
the fire whose invention changed the destiny of humanity
and the fire in you that could change humanity
the money that can be used to better millions of lives
and all the money that cant save even one life
the minds of those who ask questions but cant wait for the answer
and the minds of those who are unquestoning and accept the answers

until next time, yes, my friends, it is blowin in the wind

Monday, March 13, 2006

See D !!!

D and i wanted to see Zinda.. and being pirate friendly, had been asking the CD guy for a copy..but every weekend we asked, he had already given it to someone else, inspite of us asking him to keep it for us...and so the general conversation with the CD guy was
D: Zinda hain?
CD guy: nahi madam
and after this ritual for 3 weekends, i really couldnt blame D when this conversation happened,
D: Zinda hain?
CD guy: nahi madam
D: Home Delivery hain?
CD guy: haan madam (and takes the VCD out for her)
D: yeh nahi, hum paas main hi rehte hain, jab zinda hoga to home delivery kar dena..
naah, i told her, but she didnt do it, it would have been fun.. :)

until next time, zinda hoon main ...

Thursday, March 09, 2006


When every traffic signal is seen as a Starting Grid
When filling petrol is thought of as a pit stop
And the petrol attendants your pit crew
When all the different routes you take are circuits
and turns are thought of as chicanes
You oughta know that the F1 season is on......................
until next time, everyday is a raceday..

Monday, March 06, 2006


Uneventful, but peaceful, is a phrase i read recently, and it struck a chord in me, while i was wondering exactly what to write about...Some springs, they say, are eternal.. as for the normal ones, they have their runs, and then they have their dry runs..
i guess its the same with bloggers too, sometimes the thoughts gush and flow, and you have to put a conscious stop to it, and at other times, you have to will yourself to write a post.. while there are a million reasons to post, there are only a few reasons not to post - either no time, or nothing to write about... the time problem is quite easy to solve, but the block isnt..
i was wondering the reasons for the block - Every post's genesis lies in some kind of stimulus - something you experience through your six senses, plus maybe your dreams, which then gets converted to a thought process and then on to a post... what if the things that you experience become routine and mundane, then theres no stimulus, no thought and no post... uneventful but peaceful, has perhaps become a way of life...
until next time, everything that happens, happens for a reason..

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Morning Sickness

I envy the people who get up fresh every morning... Irrespective of how early i sleep or how late i wake up, the sleep i get is never enough.. of course, to the untrained minds, this would perhaps be an expression of laziness, but its not, because once i force myself to get up, theres absolutely no inertia involved...
is it because of the amount of work i pack in the day, that invokes this feeling. maybe the body and the mind are reacting to its necessity for rest... i really dont know any other name to call it by hence the title of the post...
I would love to sleep for an entire day and see the effects. maybe i will get over it, and then again, maybe i wont.. come to think of it, theres something about the 'lazy' yawn thats so appealing... 'lazy' sunday afternoons shouldnt be restricted to sundays alone..
In fact, why does lazy have a negative connotation at all... i envy the people who get up fresh every morning... how blissful can ignorance be...
until next time, yes, that was a lazy rant...