Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Actually Happened

Dravid: We lost, again
Chappell: The way you played, that was expected
Dravid: But you are supposed to be the coach, arent you?
Chappell: Exactly, i cant play the match for you, can I?
Dravid: Thank God, it might have been worse
Chappell: Careful mate, i am not paid to listen to this trash
Dravid: Oh yeah, try this then
Dravid's scream was echoed by the next day's papers, whose headlines screamed
"Dravid out of ODI series following injury ... An avulsion fracture on the middle finger of his right hand has ruled Rahul Dravid out of the rest of the ..."
until next time, cracks in the wall..

Monday, November 27, 2006

Saamne yeh kaun aaya, dil main hui hulchul

Every major city in the world has seen this as part of its lifecycle, a large number of people flowing into a city because of its potential to grow and accomodate.. and not just accomodate, but create chances and opportunities for the people who flow in... Bangalore is in such a state now..
Some of these people justify their decisions totally, and equal the heights to which the city grows.. i dont have a problem with them.
Some of them just about manage to hold their own, living in an unfeeling, ambivalent way, i dont have a problem with them either.
The worst cases are those who fail to even hold on, and end up not even having a chance, idont have a problem with them at all..
And then there are some from within the last set, who, in their state of despair, choose to end their existence..i dont have a problem with that too..
i have a problem with those who choose to do the above in front of my kinetic honda, every day!! it has come to a point where i believe its a conspiracy to get me to their state..
until next time, driving me crazy!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hu mour?

Who would have thought that i'd be writing a post on the Chinese president's visit to India, but all the possibilities below,and the ones that you'd come up with encouraged me to write this Who's Hu post!! Of course some sceptics would call it chinese torture..
One fine morning, Manmohan Singh wakes up to the ringing of his doorbell. He opens the door and is shocked to hear a smiling Oriental sing
'Jaanam dekh lo, mit gayee dooriyan,
Main yahaan, Hu yahaan, Hu yahaan, Hu yahaan'
and so the conversation starts
He: Who are you?
Hu: I am the president of China
He: No, Hu is the president of China
Hu: I am Hu
He: Thats what I have been asking! who are you?
after a while, once the identity issues have been cleared

He: Who says Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China?
Hu: Yes, Hu says Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China.
He: I am glad you agree, but who can resolve this?
Hu: Yes, Hu can resolve this.
For now, i shall stop this line of thought, and let you guys add on, and draw your attention to all the other possibilities..

Jackie Chan suing Hu for the title of his autobiography 'Hu am I'...
Pepsi bringing back the campaign 'Hu Ha India, Aaya India'
Maruti Esteem launching in China with the line 'Hu's big car is this?'
okay okay, dont create a hullabaloo now..

until next time, who wants to add on?

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Times They are A-Changin'

Dr. No (1962)

Die Another Day (2002)

Casino Royale (2006)

until next time, shaken not stirred

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Wonder Years

No, not the show that used to be on air quite a time back, and which gave so many wonderful and quotable quotes and got us involved in the life and times of kevin arnold.. that edition of the wonder years ended quite a while back...this is of an 'oops i did it again' kind and a kevin who has just reached the end of his version of wonder years..
yup, he definitely had a wonderful time, as he piggy backed the humongous success of his wife, becoming a kind of celebrity himself, appearing on reality shoes and wwe, all culminating in his own album... and its a strange coincidence that its titled 'Playing with Fire'.
Which brings me to question the entire arrangement, its downright surreal.. like a carefully staged show... right from the time they married, to the kids, to the PR stories on how all was not well between the couple, and to the time when Britney said that she was fed up...
britney gets the additional mileage even when she has no album or a popular song running on the airwaves, kevin gets his claim to fame, and the kids, well, hope they at least get a life... and for all you know, this could be part of the plot too, and kevin will patiently wait till she says hit me baby one more time...

until next time, so who really got speared?

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Sick Gentleman?

while that may be popular opinion, and the internet had a big hand to play in the entire Jessica Lall case, i quite agree with some of the statements he made about the media in this interview...

until next time, hey ram!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I am What IM?

Maybe, just maybe, the virtual world can be divided into two depending on the kind of IM it indulges more in..One , of course, is Instant Messaging, and the other is Intellectual Masturbation..

until next time, what is your Identity Makeup?

Monday, November 06, 2006

In reality

Pooja Bedi got up from the couch and tried to dance, but the man in black and his two co-judges didnt fancy it, and in the end it was another case of 'Jassi jaisi koi nahi'..
Some sales guy in BPL, Mumbai landed up with a bonus because a particular couple decided to buy 200 SIMs and tried rigging their chances. of course now they are dancing to the tune of the Mumbai police...
In case you have no clue of what i am talking about, you, my friend, are out of touch with reality,shows that is, because i've been referring to the two desi versions of 'Dance with the Stars'..
For a whole lot of TV stars and celebrity chefs and bollywood directors, the last few days have been a dance..and after the chronicles of one abhijeet sawant, life's been a song even for some kids..and the latest one, which started off last weekend is one thats featuring Arshad Warsi for the desi version of Big Brother... 13 celebrities under one roof for 3 months, with no outside communication - har daily soap ka baap, so says apna circit and all their movements are going to be followed by closed circuit cameras..bole toh, privacy ki to vaat lag gayi, mamu!! the part thats most interesting is that this blog's favorite celebrity is going to be one of the participants - the one, the only, Rakhi Sawant.. if she can create a controversy out of an ordinary birthday party, imagine the havoc she can cause, when she knows the public is watching..just imagine the possibilities :))
and going by the SIM card fiasco, i wonder whether the line between real life and reel life is getting even more blurred.. and maybe its not just for the celebrities, but the ordinary folk - and again, not just those who take part in it, but the ones who watch it...
until next time, surreal..

Thursday, November 02, 2006


The last week saw Bangalore witness the social unveiling of two potential prodigal sons - one, the son of a fashion designer/ page 3 fixture and the other, the son of the chief minister and the grandson of a former prime minister/ current state kingmaker/ humble farmer.
Adam Bidappa, son of designer and page 3-proclaimed fashion guru Prasad Bidappa- decided to expound four letter wisdom to cops who were trying to enforce the 11.30 deadline. the policemen, who, in the best of times are not great conversationalists, waited for Adam to get physical and then decided to let their lathis do the talking, and shut up Adam, verbally and physically... Like father, like son, would be a fair thing to say, since the dope on Prasad is that he had been shaken up a bit when he was in Dubai last, for possession of well, dope.... adam's famous last words- do you know who i am?
Nikhil Gowda, son of chief minister Kumaraswamy and grandson of former Prime Minister and self proclaimed humble farmer Deve Gowda (made famous by photos of him sleeping on the dais), landed in a sports car and created a scuffle in a local hotel, and later claimed that he was beaten up by the hotel staff.. the government machinery is (for once) working in top class speed to make sure the case is hushed up.. the famous last words were "Do you know who my father is ?" (though i wonder why there wasnt a auto retort for that from the hotel guys who were mallus - if you dont know, how are we supposed to know?)...
and so, in the world's largest democracy, in a city whose worth is being built by an IT meritocracy,a new setup is being made - bratocracy...

until next time, a class apart..