Thursday, June 29, 2006

Going Bananas

Over at Sony TV, they are starting a new serial based on a banana - since it is in Hindi, they are calling it Akela..
It was one of those Mini Super Sundays again, when the World Cup was happening, and there was cricket and there was Formula 1. The interesting point is that in all of these, there are 22 players on the field/track.. it was one of those times, when the viewer experiences a Catch 22 situation, literally..
I loved this on a T Shirt - "Brokeback Mountain - Do the Dude".. Loved it in a purely creative sense...
So, who really is the man of steel now - this guy or this ?
Condoleezza Rice has said that "And I'm gender-neutral, although obviously I like to see women in any position" .. hmm, interesting.. of course she was speaking about the UN secretary general position :)
They call this game Text Twist now, but long long before, almost two decades ago, we used to have it as a competition in inter school fests... a lot of times i used to come out

until next time, yup, its one of those posts ;)

Monday, June 26, 2006


That was a term that became famous in the US and Uk when outsourcing was an issue that was topmost in people's minds... Now its sort of been relegated to some tshirts that float around...
The man who makes our mind sing, the PM himself, was in town a few days back, to discuss some issues pertaining to civic infrastructure.. apparently the normally calm guy got a bit flustered after experiencing the traffic scenario.... so he made a few telling comments on how people should learn to how to handle themselves in traffic and stop being so horny all the time :D...
but its something i notice all around these days in the people of my age group these days, no,not the horny bit, well that also, but more importantly the arrogance and the feeling that the world exists to serve him... i see it in hotels, offices, parking spaces, malls, the blatant disregard for the rest of humanity... its the language of money, of the money thats (also)being earned by the outsourcing of jobs that i started out the post with... the misbehaviourin traffic is just one of the manifestations...
this crowd is the target audience for all the companies thats selling things from credit cards to designer clothes to designer houses to local flavors to low cal flavours and everything in between and all around.. a wonderful economy with people who have the money and people who want to make money... is that so bad? not at all, but while we do the accumulation of currency, is it so difficult to go about in a dignified way? is it one big bag which will either hold money or decency... i somehow dont think so... but then it does take a good soul to be decent even when you dont have to be...
and to come full circle, after the Apple fiasco a few months back, its now the turn of Intel to shut down some of its developmental operations in India... is it time now for Bangalore to be Bangalored?

until next time, whine and bear...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wish it were as easy...

As easy as ideas, coming to you either by accident, or through planning.. some of them getting junked because folks aren't ready for it, and some being given all the care and attention, by different people who have a stake in it, and seeing the light of day in around ten months or so.. some ideas that changes lives, and some that just keep changing..
As easy as ideas growing, developing, learning, disagreeing with existing ideas that might be obsolete, taking core thoughts which wouldnt change even with time, exploring, meeting with other ideas, and getting whole new ideas to be born, and keeping the cycle going..
As easy as the lack of ideas making sure that all the junk stuff comes out of the head correctly and exactly, five days a month... and all you need is a sanity napkin around your head whichwill just collect all the junk and dispose it...
But maybe we are in an age of paradox, because according to everyone ideas are the future, but there are only few who are willing to take on the responsibility of bringing out an idea...

until next time, do you have any idea about what i just wrote? ;)

Monday, June 19, 2006

The PHP categories

Humanity can be broadly divided into four based on how that title was interpreted.. of course, the fact that most of humanity does not read this blog is irrelevant in this context, because the 'humanity' i speak of itself is subjective.. :) That humanity is itself skewed, because by definition, one of the PHPs can be understood onlyby Indians, and the other, only by the technically unchallenged... the first kind of humanity is the kind that says 'Oh, of course' when i say PHP stands for Phir Hera Pheri.. the second is the kind that says 'Oh, of course' when i say its a recursive acronym that stands for PHP: Hypertext Processor (of course i had to google for it, you thought this was a lazy post, huh?)..... the third kind of humanity is the kind that says 'Oh, of course' irrespective of which version i tell them... and the fourth kind is the one that says 'Oh' irrespective of which version i tell them...
the subjectivity comes in because only the first two are included in the scope of this post, i hate the third because i have to include it, and the fourth will still be saying 'Oh' after the post...
I am one of the guys who actively started using a comp only after it changed its interface from alien green coding type to friendly clickable types.. i took up blogging also because of an easy interface... i think i stopped growing after that, because everything's made easy with Blogger... i have managed to do good copy paste, thats how this look came about, because i just needed to tweak the code and add the image.. there wouldnt have been a snag, but for the fact that i feel limited sometimes, like this one, was all geek and latin to me, but would have loved to be part of it... i started education again recently and was getting somewherewith feeds and tags... but then these guys (the second and third kind) have to keep changing everything always... its a little like the first time i was in Bombay, and was learning hindi numeral, by the time i read the number and checked my guide, the damn bus was gone!!
so, you would ask, why dont i learn code.. well, around 6 years back, i enrolled myself to learn C , a year later, i was still there, @ C.
so, as you must have guessed, this post is the result of two things - the conspicuous shortage of intelligent thoughts that make a post, and the conspicuous frustrations of being technologically challenged :)

until next time, hope you C the point!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tick Talk

Do you think i should go for some kind of treatment - i cant seem to resist puns :)..oh well, we all have our quirks, and puns have been proven to be harmless except for odd cases where people have choked on their food... but then, timing is everything, isnt it... so lets do some tick, not the ones you find on your dog, the verb, the clock ticking... only in this case, i am referring to humans ticking... (no, not the ones they have in Sri Lanka!!)
all of us traverse the graphs which go around the thin line of emotionlessness, some skew more towards happiness and some towards sorrow, and most of us have a fair mix of both.. Like the charged ions who are forever trying to return to a neutral state, sometimes we too end up longing for a state of no emotion, maybe because we are at a stage where even happiness is momentary, and sorrows seem to last forever.. but we dont seem to fall into that emotionless state, because there's always something that keeps you ticking...
its different for different people, and different for the same person at different could be the refreshing weekend that just got over, or the one thats about to start... the good song you just listened to, or the album that you are waiting for... a rocking love life,or an ex-love whose separation rocked you and left you with sweet nostalgic memories.... a lavish meal, or the thought where the next meal would come from.... a ride in your favourite machine,or being constantly taken for a ride.. standing outside with a pleasant breeze on your face,or stuck in the rain and just wanting to get inside...for good or for bad, there always seems to be something that makes us tick, until, in the end, like evrything else that has done its time, our machinery also has to stop..
until next time, what it is...makes you tick?

Monday, June 12, 2006

HR Practices

Yup, they're the talk of the town now... everyone's discussing them in the real world, and i've seen at least 5 blogs which talk about it in detail... am still wondering what exactly is it that makes people hate HR so much, but makes sure that his record sales are still setting records... now, wait a second, before we create any further confusion, let me set the record straight... this has nothing to do with the personnel policies of companies, its more to do with the personal quirks of him, who makes you go 'resham, miya please stop!!'..
so what exactly is it - the trademark cap or the 'I support facial hair' look or the noice (nose+voice).. that gets on so many people's nerves? from the guys in 'The great Indian Comedy Show' who did a spoof by removing the cap and showing a bald head to guys all around who exhibit hitherto unknown violent tendencies, they are either making fun of him or want to cut his throat/nose...until sometime back, he was a national treasure, now he faces national censure..
the initial songs, specially the ones featuring the serial kisser were extremely popular, in their original version, as well as the club remixes... i see a pattern with what happened to sonu nigam...all was going good with him too, until he started making appearances in his album videos,his popularity reached an abyssmal low, before (i think) he got the message... wonder if HR will understand that the public are singing 'jhalak mat dikhlana', and restrict himself to providing just the music...
until next time, sayonee, if you are reading this, he loves you more than junoon..he really does..
P.S: small update in previous bits...;)

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tit Bits

According to an article in Vijay Times, bangalore (yup, you got that right.. and no, the newspaper boy dropped it on a day by mistake), 58.8% of bloggers worldwide are in the age group 13-19... and 68% of bloggers are women...oh, to be a rarity :)
I loved this one, "If you always have to think out of the box, maybe there's a problem with the box"
After the weekend's incident with Mika, Rakhi Sawant has been approached by some publisher to write a book tentatively titled 'How Rakhi Sawant got kissed, got wild....'..... Daler Mehndi, Mika's brother, has said that this is absolutely not part of Indian culture unlike human trafficking, which of course, is one of the cornerstones around which Indian culture is built...
A fairly simple Google alert with the keyword 'books' returns such inane stuff as 'Spice Jet books over xyz tickets in special offer'... and therefore, i hope the title of this particular post does not land me in the search results for adult sites providing graphic information and entertainment (to some), based on certain parts of the female anatomy...

until next time, how lazy can a post be.. :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Times Now

Absolutely nothing to do with the channel, but the title fitted in perfectly with the contents of the post, and so...a debate (which unfortunately i wasnt a part of) about the necessity of mobiles in our life, sparked off this post...
Somewhere in the not too distant past, there was a phenomenon called time, which was allowed to be a consideration while we decided on things... but somewhere down the line, we decided to do battle with it... the necessity of Wi Fi connections and mobile phones is extremely arguable... we belong to a generation which grew up without the above, but are living with it now.. maybe the last of the generations to grow up that way, and so, to make it arguable...
the ones after us are the 'now' generation, not just in context of the time they exist in, but in the consumption habits they have.. no, not they, we, because to survive i also have to be that way... and so i want news the time it happens - i may or may not care about the people who died or suffered in the news item... i want that pizza now, doesnt matter if the guy bringing it drives so crazily that he has a fifty percent of surviving the journey to my house... i want the work done by Monday, if you have to slog your back off during the weekend, hey, whose problem is that, or rather, is there a problem?.. amazingly i get away with all of this (hey, no hate comments, the usage of 'I' is only figurative) :)....
i want it now, and there are slaves who will make sure i get it now... and that perhaps is why silly things like compassion and humanity are conceptual, not realistic... and joys and sorrows exist only fleetingly, for everything is only now and never later... some great man has said that there's a time for everything, yup, only the time is always now...
until next time, what now?

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bait and watch

He was always fascinated by tales of fearless hunters, especially the ones who laid it all on the line for a particular kill... and the ones who extended the thrill to their loved ones, and today he would join that elite, when he would use his wife as the bait, for that one spectacular kill.. ofcourse the fact that the intended prey would not be able to wound her fatally did dilute the effect, but he was still thrilled.. especially since she didnt know about it... in fact, she was quite surprised by his insistence on her spending quite a lot of time in the same spot..
He had been hunting in the area for quite some time, and managed to kill most of its kith and kin, but it was a wily creature and had eluded him repeatedly, and was now alone, one of its kind in the expanse around... he remembered the ease with which he had single handedly annhilated the entire clan in his previous hunting ground, and felt confident...he waited patiently from dusk, for that was the time it started its day..
she was oblivious to the drama she was part of.. it watched from far, it saw her, and then saw him, and immediately sensed the plan, the way any living being could, when its mortality was brought to the fore...but it was thrilled too, it smelt another chance of shaming him.. it approached cautiously, hovering around the area, but never too close... it saw her trying to get up, and him asking herto wait a bit... it saw him watching and acknowledged by making a closer foray than would attack only when it was sure he was getting impatient and restless, and therefore careless...
and she was the one to give it the opportunity... after hours of being in a place, she finally had enough of his reasoning and got up to leave... he was busy trying to stop her.. it sensed the opportunity and attacked... it had no intention to kill, just a bite, and his defeat ... but the bite hurt her enough and she attacked, and so did he...but it was expecting the attack, and easily escaped... to fight another day...he swore in frustration.... Cox Town's mosquitoes were indeed superior to their koramangala counterparts...
until next time, reality bites...