Thursday, December 28, 2006

Deal with it

Most people he had spoken to were convinced that it was a good deal.. not that he had required a second opinion, because, as usual, he had made his own decision after much thought.. but this time it wasnt just another professional, rational decision, there was a lot of emotion involved in it too..
He had wanted the particular computer ever since he saw it in his colleague's hands.. it added to his colleague's personality.. the nasty ones would even venture to say that it gave him a new personality, which was not exactly in a good state till then.. it somehow gave him a new found confidence, and truth be told, he was quite convinced that the comp had a major hand in taking his colleague to new heights..
And thats how he had decided to go shopping for the computer.. in fact, he didnt have to, because like most deals these days, people came to him asking him if he wanted it.. he pretended to think about it for a long time, because he wanted to get the best deal possible.. and by a stroke of luck, his colleague announced that he had decided to move on, and he was giving off his comp...
though he was initially not very comfortable with the idea of a second hand comp, specially since it had a voice recognition system, the deal convinced him otherwise, and the tech support guys assured him that there would be no problem, and thats how he had ended up with this special comp..
and now, within a few days, it was creating problems.. it refused to adapt to a certain inflection in his speech... the worst part was that it was something that was very dear to him, and he didnt want to make any efforts to change it..but he had already signed the deal and there was no goingback, but it really wouldnt have the SRK effect, if he didnt say c-c-c-computerji in K-k-kaun Banega
until next time samay samaapt..

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Next Level

Its a bit like games.. once we get into a game, what keeps us going is the eagerness to master the level and reach the next level.. as we proceed, it gets more and more difficult as each level is designed to be tougher than the previous one... The stakes also get higher as it might be difficult to do it all over again, and all the gains amassed would be wasted...
And thats why its a bit like games - life... Its always a play to master the current level and thereby reach the next level.. and the stakes get higher, because it is life, and not just a game... theres a standard of living, peer pressure and so many other things that make it a must to survive and move ahead.. the only difference being that unike the game, the progress in life cannot be made to stop.. or maybe we cant bring ourselves to make it stop... for its a race and like the cliche goes, you have to run to at least stay in the same place... and the things around will not slow down to accomodate you..
we get used to what we can get from the money we earn - most important among them a lifestyle and its accessories, and once we master one level, we are eager to move on to the next level and find out what it has to offer.. and theres no end in sight... perhaps the biggest winner is one who can will himself to be satisfied at a particular level and not move to the next level, inspite of all the pressures from within and without.. for maybe it has been rightly said that when its a rat race, what matters in the end is that whoever wins,they all remain rats...
infancy, school, college, the first job...sometimes, its true that the grass is green on the other side... only, i am just looking back, and speaking of the grass i had been on...
until next time, theres no level playing field...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nick of Time

Nothing moved in the darkness, almost nothing. Nicholas crouched low to avoid being seen by anyone who might be out late, rather, early... His eyes quickly moved among the houses choosing the order in which he had to move... he had only a few hours left before dawn, and thankfully his work was almost done.. but only almost, because each house brought with it, its own set of problems and demands, and he could only hope that his preparations were adequate..but this was his night, and was determined to get the job done..
all the houses turned to be easy jobs, and he didnt have to exert much of an effort.. he finally reached the last house, and quickly scaled the fence, hoping there was no dog..that would spoil his plans..he tried the door.. he didnt expect folks to leave it open, but no harm in trying, that would make his job easy... but it was not to be. he tried all the windows and doors around the house, but with no luck... the roof, that was his only chance.. he climbed up with some difficulty and saw the thing he was hoping for - a chimney. he hoisted himself on to its top and slowly tried to get in.. in a few minutes he came to the painful realisation, again, that he was getting too old for this.. and too bulky..
he finally reached the end of his journey, most of his dress covered in soot.. he realised he had no time to waste.. he scanned the house and found what he was looking for, in the main hall.. this was what made the job worth it.. he set about his task and was almost finished when a door at the end of the hall opened, and a small boy emerged.. he had nowhere to hide.. thankfully the boy was only half awake, and on seeing him, frozen in amazement, giving him just enough time to make his exit, thankfully not the same as his entry...
it would be sometime before the boy would even remotely succeed in convincing his parents, and he could bank on their cynicism to ensure that he remained just a myth.. after all, who believed insanta claus?

until next time, merry xmas

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bin Tere kya New Year plans?

If you are planning to bring in the new year in Goa
You might wanna think it over
For Israel says Al Qaeda would also like to have a blast
And if you go by stories from the past
It aint exactly a champagne supernova

until next time, whoa!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


A couple of weeks back, Sunday Times had a poll, conducted among 1000+ people across India on their beliefs about God, religion, after-life, ghosts and various other things that we think about, on starlit nights...
I've just about finished Book Five of the Ramayana Series, and coincidentally also came across this article, which also raised a few questions on mythology and God...Imagine all the characters that we are so familiar with - Rama, Ravana, Krishna.. were they just characters of imagination or did they actually exist, a long, long time ago, and over a period of time the story of their lives got embellished to such an extent that they became gods and demigods... the amazing similarity between the different myths from civilisations around theworld also point to their actual existence... the remains of Dwaraka, the remains at Mohenjodaro resembling a nuclear holocaust, the drawings of Pushpak - the celestial flying machine, now believed to have been powered by a mercury based fuel, all add to this...
And thus adds on another set of questions to our FAQs - are our myths based on actual facts, or were they made by the creators of God? the almost eternal question of whether god created man or man created god? but i also believe that it might be just a matter of time before we find the answers.. after all, its only been a few thousand years since we have been around and we had lives before and after the discovery of fire, metals, and even civilisations, and we have managed to find the answer to some questions, and hopefully will learn to tap the resources beyond our five senses sometime in the future...of course, for us, these still remain faqs with several possible answers..

until next time, if only He had user support...

Monday, December 11, 2006

The war

is on, on a weekend, when to my unspoken words of "Aaj mere paas TV hain, music system hain, computer hain, fridge hain..tumhare paas kya hain?"
the unspoken answer from the electricity board is "mere paas bijli hain"

until next time, absolute power...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Some Threesome facts

It aint often that an austere soul tags you, so let me oblige :)

3 Things that scare me: Alzheimers, some of my previous posts, what did i say last?
3 People who make me laugh: Ram Gopal Varma, All The Simpsons, Bill Watterson
3 Things I love: Music, Fiction, D (not the company, just her company)
3 Things I hate: Most vegetables, Most work, pretentiousness (of course i know the meaning without looking it up)
3 Things I don’t understand: Himesh Reshammiya's popularity, poetry (but Cherie, i will, one day!!), why we have to work for a living
3 Things on my desk: Clutter, a hot Channel V VJ(oh, okay, its only a calendar), theres clutter, remember? i cant see anything more!!
3 Things I’m doing right now: typing '3 things', listening to music, no, i cant tell you THAT!!
3 Things I want to do before I die: Create something immortal, Travel in time, Solve the Who?What?Why? questions
3 Things I can do: read, dig my nose in public, complete a tag
3 Things I can’t do: Be social for the sake of it, have less sleep, tell you the third thing
3 Things you should listen to: good music, voices in your head (no, you dont need treatment), wife's opinions (your own wife's!!)
3 Things you should never listen to: Loudspeakers at close range, instructions in Fwd mails (does not include ones from the boss), my advice
3 Things I’d like to learn: Sneeze with my eyes open, turn my head 360 degrees, fly without wings
3 Favorite foods: Chocolate (dessert forms. oh, okay we also accept other forms),Chicken ,Bheja fry (usually D's)
3 Beverages I drink regularly: Water, Tea, Gatorade (how the hell was i supposed to know its a sports drink & regulary because i had to finish the damn bottle)
3 Shows I watched as a kid: Spiderman on Sunday, Star Trek, Desperate Housewives (hey, i'm still a kid)

until next time, who wants to do the threesome? :D

Monday, December 04, 2006


" I am a self made man"
" Er, does that mean you are a mo**erfu**er?"

until next time, never mix procreation and philosophy