Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Is He dead?

doing a lil bit of analysis to find the functional tendencies of the Almighty, if He were like a new age organisation, he should be having some sort of a customer feedback mechanism..either He hasnt got one, or it isnt functioning properly.... higher grounds of moral/spiritual thoughts aside, a large majority of people wouldnt be happy with what god gave them on their plate, and they cant be blamed....and who in hell (no pun intended) is the signing auhority these days on our fate, individual and combined..... who decides that most people, when they grow old, have to become vulnerable to the vagaries of their offspring or fate, or both?.... who decides that some new born infants have to be deprived of parentship?... who decides that people who love may not be loved?....who decides who is born rich and who is is born poor?.....who decides luck?....who decides that tears are necessary in life?....who decides that natural calamities have to take away what people slaved for and saved?....who decides the right time to die?.... who decides to make psychopaths and autistic people?.....who decides who should be a cat, dog, monkey etc. ?... who decides that people be born blind/deaf/dumb and not experience things people around them can (there could be an argument that they are lucky).....who decides that life isnt fair?...who decides that man shouldnt know the purpose of his life?.....if i were part of a rebirth cycle, isnt it only fair that i know my account balance during each birth... if there was no rebirth, then why arent i given the place of someone i wish i were??...personally, on the whole, i am happy with the way my life is shaping up, but what about the less fortunate ones?since there is hardly any trace of fairness left in this world, i have to conclude that He is dead..... but manuscrypts trivia isnt
check this out, its an interesting read, even if you arent part of the corporate scheme of things.

Monday, December 15, 2003


readers complaining about the overdose of 'taken' in my recent posts will have to suffer just this once more.... just watched the last episode yesterday, with a certain feeling of ambivalence, because i wanted to see where it all led to, but didnt want the series to end.. cant blame me, it was good, and it has set a new benchmark for sci fi films to aspire to... i was looking for some stuff related to the series, and i found comments that were at both extremes, and that there were also lots of folks who felt the same as i did about the series....the good thing about it was, it didnt flood the screen with visual effects, nor did it try to make conclusions, it left you to think, and gave you some very good things to think about..... like the first of the matrix trilogy.. i have actually begun to think that all life could be part of some giant experiment, that we are all Ctrl D....lemme share some good lines from yesterday's episode
"Hope is the biggest lie, but its the best we have got, its what keeps us going...."
"life, all life, is about asking questions, knowing that you might not get the is the desire to know what lies on top of the next hill, that keeps us going... so keep questioning, even though you know you may never get the answers...."
and here's
manuscrypts trivia
the lyrics of the song that the last episode ended with, dont know if it will touch anyone the same way, but still, its a beautiful song, as many 'taken' guys would agree...its my Emmylou Harris and is called
Just before it gets dark
Just before it gets dark
When the lights still hangs in the sky
The days not quite gone
All its promises still in your eyes
Between the time your mother calls
And the time you put the ball away
There's a lifetime to be lived
And a world where every dream is here to stay
Just before the night comes
And you run back to the safety of your world
Just before it gets dark
You can believe in every story ever told
In those last precious moments
There's a beauty no one wants to give away
Well, nothing lasts forever
But those moments keep forever far away
Just before it gets dark
Before you grow
Before you're too old to pretend
Just before it gets dark
And you know your dreams will not come back again
Hold on
Hold on tight
And I promise you baby it will all be alright
I promise you baby it will all be alright

Tuesday, December 09, 2003


nope, i havent attained it yet, but i think there could be a way to it.....i dont know about the rest of humanity, so i have to speak subjectively.....i dont feel truly happy when i hear about the good fortunes of others, not that i am entirely 'j' about it, but theres always the feeling of 'why couldnt it happen to me'... the converse of it being, when something bad happens to someone, with the major feeling of sympathy/grief etc, theres always the minor feeling of 'thank god it didnt happen to me'.... this is not restricted to professional or competitional matters, but manifests itself even in personal my case, the only people who dont come under this cloud is my immediate family..........thankfully, maybe because of my own feelings, i am also not very expectant when it comes to receiving congrats or condolences, because i am always on the lookout for that 'down' look or smirk...hehe...but maybe, if we could all truly feel happy or sad for others, then we would be able to find relatively more bliss in this material world...meanwhile, think about this leaving you with
manuscrypts trivia
apologise to the non hindi speaking crowd, but this was too good not to post "log to jeete hain ummeed pe,par hamein to jeene ki bhi ummeed nahi"

Monday, December 01, 2003

Revolting Revolutions

this might just work out to become a crib post (thats not to be associated with the mental level of the lil folk in cribs, although some people, especially my wife, has that complaint about me, hehe). i happened to see the final edition of the matrix trilogy (yeah, i have been sorta living in a cave), even after reviews of die hard fans advocating against it...but hey, this is the matrix we are talking about, so it cant be that bad....and if you take the movie by itself, it wasnt, in fact, it was good, but unfortunately it has the matrix to live up to, which isnt exactly my view, thats what they tried to do, maybe they didnt really have fun doing it, and it showed... too many things added in just for having it...the titles shown with an 'asatoma satgamaya' chant to highlight the mysticism/philosophy, talks of karma....but i did love some lines, notably agent smith's " where others see chance, i see cost, where others see coincidence, i see consequence"...but morpheus and trinity have been truly wasted...and so many cliches, the boy wanting to live up to expectations and doing a heroic thing, a sunrise in the end....and dialogues that were made heavy just for the sake of it....bottom line, once upon a time in wwe, Triple H said "you wanted a revolution , you got it!!", well, the same cant be said of the matrix....i guess its true what they say "everything that has a beginning has an end"...but, whatever said and done, The trilogy is unique, i doubt whether anything before or after has or will be successful in provoking so much thought....but what does provoke thought comes from the 'idiot box' in the form of 'taken'.....just two more episodes to go :-( , hear another good piece of dialogue.." when things around you dont make sense, you try to hold on to things that make sense, so you can understand the things happening around you... you try to understand the reasons behind it, but , what if you find the reasons, and those reasons are not yours??"... those of you who wanna check the series out, try this link ... so long, till the next post....