Sunday, April 29, 2007


She removed her clothes, one by one; all the while aware he was watching her. Slowly, for she was waiting for him to join her. He didn’t. He thought girls hated being disturbed while washing their dolls; he didn’t like playing with dolls anyway.

The bridegroom had been engaged once before the marriage. The bride had had two affairs before the marriage. At 33, she realised there had been just about enough of foreplay in her life, and hoped that her fairytale wedding would have a wonderful climax.

They were all here, by invitation, and they all wanted to know what this was all about. But they would have to wait a little longer, for there was one more episode to go before all became clear. He was hoping they would wait.

What was that about? It was nothing much, it was just that his blog was celebrating its fourth anniversary, and he thought writing four episodes of forty four words would be a good way to celebrate it. Until next time, how was the fourplay?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Identification Parade

A few moons ago, Prero had a neat post on the five songs she most identified with, and asked us to make our own. And so i did, (though she says i have to make a new list :( )and these were my top 5, and irrespective of what the lyricists had in mind, this is what they mean to me..
High Hopes- Pink Floyd My anthem for perhaps two of the most wonderful years.. everything fits - the grass was greener, the nights of wonder, with friends surrounded... the causeway and the endless river..
Time-Pink Floyd The template of a possible life, and the home town life and the plans could have fitted so well, but perhaps (andthankfully) not.
Telegraph Road-Dire Straits Life, change, and the effects it has, the lyrics somehow capture very well our actions and their consequences.
Cats in the Cradle (Ugly Kid Joe) Almost the same as the one above, except that this one gets more personal and human.
Just before it gets dark - Emmy Lou Harris Perhaps there is a common theme in all the songs - of nostalgia, dreams etc. This one has the added characteristic that it was also featured in one of my favourite shows-Taken.

And so, that was the identification parade. My favourite songs, these and other, also have a lot to do about the time i first heard them, be it during my school, engg college, post grad, first job...and so on. Somehow, they also get associated to my life and times at that point in time, and so every time i hear these songs, its not just the music that gets me, its also those bittersweet bouts of nostalgia..

until next time, maybe life is just a song :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Beauty with Brain Fry

Saw the movie 'Bheja Fry' last weekend, and had a good laugh over the antics of vinay as bharat bhushan... and to lighten the mood further and have a laugh at D's expense, i started this conversation
Me: Imagine you having a husband like that
D: that leaves little scope for imagination...
until next time, ask and you shall receive :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Fast and the Curious

There was a time when ads at the end of music casettes was the only way to listen to future music releases.. times have changed and a deluge of new media has ensured that nothing is kept a secret for long... and in any case, who wants to keep it a secret..
with an audience that lives a fast paced life and devours content as if there's no tomorrow, entities across the board from tv channels and radio stations to newspapers and internet are in a race with each other to get it to the audience first...
and so we have the making of the movie, and if the ex mrs federline had her way, perhaps we might even see the making of the star in future..and maybe a little bit of this impatience and curiosity is rubbing on to our personal lives also - in the way we make and break relationships, and the way we deal with other people.
and in all this, perhaps an important virtue is being lost - it used to be called patience, and is now kept in hiding for fear of contempt.
until next time, quick, comment!! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

All things nice

Once upon a time, being nice was the way to be. These days, it pays to be nice... Wonder what the financial model will do to the system

until next time, to each his own

Monday, April 09, 2007


when we walk into the store with a sign that says Flat-Discount-50% and ask to see the flat...

until next time, did that fall flat? :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007


I guess there's a connection between the post titled "Conformity" and this one... more or less ends at the samepoint...
at many points in life, in fact at most, if not all points, there are crossroads, and we choose one path based on what we are and what we want to be, at that point of time.. a sort of constant game theory, if you will..the paths might turn out to be good or bad, and some paths also offer a correction mechanism, while some dont...we judge the outcome of the paths based on our sensibilities, and are also affected by the judgements of others.. some among us learn to discard the latter, whether this is an advancement, a sign of maturity is of course arguable.. assuming it is, this would be one level..
while that goes on, theres another level being played, the venue being our minds... for we are after all humans, and with our objective tendencies, try to judge ourselves in comparison to others..
i am wondering which of these levels is tougher to handle... and whether it is posible to build a coccoon which prevents any sort of comaprisons.. or is it forever going to be a battle of finding a balance between the greenery of the grass on the other side and the extent of greenery we allow it to bring on to our faces..

until next time, some grass does make you high...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Whats coming out of the.....

I admit that i prefer Western closets to Indian ones.. Is that racist?

until next time, just some loos talk ;)