Monday, January 29, 2007

Random Excerpts from Very Interesting Experiences this Week

Soap Opera
Can i get one Cinthol soap please - no, since the powers that be have decided that to be totally cleansed, i need not one, not two, not three, but four cinthols - 'not to be sold separately'.. haha, other soaps? go on, all for one, one for all, thats how it goes...
Went to GK Vale to get D's photo taken, and since there wasnt a 'ek lo ek muft lo' offer, i sat and watched someone play a motor racing game on an xbox console there.. and i have to hand it to the Bangalore Police.. as soon as the guy crossed the speed limit, two cops came in.... nah, just coincidence, come on, its Bangalore police we are talking about remember?
(careful, spoilers ahead)
eh? yeah, i meant salaam-e-ishq, watch out for-
the relay- first john abraham runs, then anil kapoor runs, followed by john abraham again (he incidentally prefers to run between towns) and then akshaye khanna.. the only thing that stops running once in a while is govinda's taxi..
the brits being beat at their own game - after sue in RDB, stephanie tries to massacre hindi by speaking hindi in her british accent... but our very own salman saves the day and beats her to it by speaking hindi in a US accent...
Tear jerker- As the rhyme goes, Johnny Johnny, yes papa.... kiss the girls and make them cry.. yup, Thats what John Abraham does, makes poor Vidya Balan cry and then drinks her tears.. Poor Vidya Balan desperately needs hits and it shows, as she gets hit on by John, and then Akshay's car.. she didnt want to take chances and tried to get hit on a train, and unfortunately succeeds, thereby losing her mammaries (sorry sorry, but i suddenly remembered a dilli friend who used to pronounce it that way)...:)
spoilers? yeah these were only the things that spoiled the movie, else all okay ;)

until next time, wanna tear me apart? :D

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bade Bhaiya

Is what i wanted to write about
But after all this, i am left in no doubt
That all that i would've said
Would sound a bit jaded

But though it places me in a quandary
I have to admit, I am racist, i love ferrari
And in between all the stunts for publicity
lemme not forget to say 'Happy Republicity' :)

until next time, can it get verse?

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Original Axe Effect

until next time, lazy weekend effect :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Genetics, i say

A long time ago, my mouth used to be a regular venue for the cola wars, until the time i realised that the venue's infrastructure was suffering a lot of collateral damage in the bargain.. and since then a search for a good non corrosive drink was in full swing.. and since i really didnt like the tropics and nothing else was real enough, a lot of stuff that got released in the market, also found a place in my diet, but nothing took a permanent place..that was until the time i saw the ad and decided to try 'a cool drink to hang out with' and liked it better that any i had tried till then... but, of course the campaign stopped in a while, and therefore the distribution suffered and i only managed to get a few and that too, once in a while...
and so, a few weeks back, since my dad and sis were visiting, i decided to stock the fridge with one of the more than easy available family pack of colas.. since it remained in an unopened state even by the end of the visit, i was prompted to ask the reason for it.. my sis let us know that the cool drink to hang out with had also become a favourite with my dad... and though the product itself can take some credit, i believe i can safely say that the genes also had their hand to play in placing it in both our favourites' folder :)
i like denim too, but of course, some genes dont get passed on ;)

until next time, what exactly does gene hackman do? :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


is perhaps when life slips by playing its part
and you slip by without playing yours..

until next time, no time to spare

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A dirty 55

She was arguably beautiful, but inarguably sexy, and difficult. She had many suitors. Just before announcing her decision, she said ‘I know it’s hard for the others, but I’ve decided”
A suitor, perhaps to console himself, whispered, “Actually, whoever gets her is sure to have a hard time”
Another replied, looking down, “Yeah, lucky bugger”

until next time, hard to get?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Walk of Life

What perhaps distinguishes our species from others is the straight backed walk we have... the only things that come close are the other primates.. even from a human growth point of view, parents are always waiting for the baby to stop 'toddling' and walk...
In today's cubicle to couch existence, there is very little walking we do.. no, moving between cubicles or climbing stairs is not the kind of walk i am talking of... a couple of kilometres of walk was more the kind i had in mind...i have always liked walking, but usually never find the time.. yup, my natural laziness does its bit too :).. and so when i do get the chance, and find that i had a lil time to spare, i go ahead.. and walk..
almost a year back, when we shifted house, i had a chance... its amazing how you can ride along the same roads for 3 years, and still notice things only when you walk... the little bylanes, small shops, and most importantly people.. almost at the end of the walk, i saw the flyover... another symbol of bangalore's development and human progress in general... it had a sign that said a lot about our existence - no walking on the flyover..
last week, when i went to kerala, i wanted to take another walk, in time and by foot, through the roads of the city i grew up in... i could do it only in part, and therefore didnt get to see how much it had changed... maybe its good in a way, i wouldnt have wanted to see how much i had changed..

until next time, keep walking

Thursday, January 04, 2007

This language, i say !!

Some of us like fast cars, and some of us like

Fast Women

until next time, slow and steady

Monday, January 01, 2007


Here's a look at the hopes for this year
Abdul Kalam will shrug off his 'chikunguniya' stoop and insist on having the same powers as Musharaf.
Parents in India will be scandalised when K Jo runs out of relationships and makes an incest movie with the tagline 'Its all about loving your parents'
Paris Hilton and Britney Spears will get married and their honeymoon video will get leaked
You Tube's $1.65 billion deal will get eclipsed by Google's offer for this blog :D

Narayanamurthy will offer to give me 1% of Infy's profits
Emraan Hashmi will kiss Aishwarya and end up marrying her too, after Abhishek refuses
West Indies will re-enact the 1983 world cup final this year too.

Yana Gupta will become the brand ambassador for the railways and give a free jhatka with every matka
Exchange indices will get doubled
Amitabh Bachchan will get sued for endorsing competing brands
Ram Gopal Varma will end his Darna series with Darna Bekaar Hain, after realisation dawns
until next time, have a great 2007
PS: Check out 2005, 2006