Monday, August 18, 2008

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On Independence Day, I realised that there comes a time to shake free, of even things that you hold dear. That’s how you come here on a Monday only to figure out that this is the end of But, in case you thought you’d gotten rid of me, check out the spanking new
until next time, adieu, and see you there :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


The movie played in the background. The hero, playing a young martyr, mouthed his final words, “I give up my life so that my countrymen can understand what being free means”.
Oblivious to all this, she scanned the paper. “Buy one, get two free” screamed the headline. “Now that’s what ‘free’ really means”, she exclaimed.
until next time, free*     

*Conditions apply

Monday, August 11, 2008


The compartment echoed with the child’s cries despite its mother’s and others’ efforts, as the vendor slowly made his way around hawking his toys. He stopped near the child, trying to cheer it. And slowly the cries turned to gurgles, and laughing. The vendor smiled, the smile of a blind man who could create happiness.

until next time, and we turn a blind eye

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Its comforting to walk about, and intuitively know the way around, without ever having to pause and think..the familiar roads and buildings, and places that are significant thanks to the associations they have with yesteryear life.
Its soothing to catch up with people who you haven't spoken to in years, and still be able to have a conversation which you feel had been left off  only the day before, about friends and friends of friends, where they are and what they do..
And as you walk around, its also a bit unsettling to find out that some old landmarks have been replaced with swanky buildings, the roads don't look the way it used to, desolate buildings that you stare at and say "I used to know some people here", new street names and sometimes whole new streets have cropped up.
And when you look around, you miss a few old faces, that used to smile at you from shopfronts...nameplates that you thought would remain forever, have been replaced, bringing new characters and creating new stories.
And sometimes, as you talk, you understand that even the old characters have changed, perhaps without even them knowing it.
And that's when you realise that there's something both sweet, and sour about having a town you can call home. A home where your life and memories were shaped, and which is now being reshaped by others' dreams, and lives.
And as places fade away and landscapes change, you are reminded of sand slipping through your fingers, even as you try to hold on. What remains are those tiny flecks, to give you memories, and to remind you of the fleeting nature of it all.....
until next time, mortality

Monday, August 04, 2008

News Updates

He saw the battalion of police in front of the theatre and immediately smsed his reporter friend. After the terror activities recently, there was no telling what’d happen and when. He could imagine the contempt on his friend’s face as he read the message and replied “Don’t you know there’s a Rajni movie release tomorrow?”

until next time, filmi... very filmi :|