Monday, October 30, 2006

Vox Flopuli

They say cricket is bigger than movies as far as entertainment goes... and a combination of both would be double the fun... so it shouldnt really be a surprise when it became difficult to choose which was more entertaining... the match itself or the panel of extra innings - mandira "i cant talk but i can shock" bedi, navjyot "oh i can talk" sidhu, geoffrey "i can talk if that idiot sidhu shuts up" boycott et al... and if those caricatures werent enough, we had celebrities dropping in - Abhishek "dads shadow is a cool place to hang out" Bachchan, Aishwarya "i am about to be AB too" Rai, to promote Doom Too...
But sadly, if you were the kind who were betting on India (in a purely non scam sort of way) it would have been a sad day yesterday... for now, the blue billion can turn green when someone else tales the trophy... in the end none of the hoohaa could do it.. and yet again we end up saying "Who? Ha! India, Yeah Yeah India"... for, barring a betting spree, not even a billion people can swing matches if the 11 men dont decide to think, bat, bowl and field...
until next time, feeling blue?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The grand sale

Girish called me earlier this week. In a very practised spiel, he told me what good a demat account would do to my life and finances.. and in a very practised way, i said thanks but no thanks..On an average i get around 3 calls a week giving me stories about lifetime free credit cards, holiday packages, insurance etc.. yes, i am kind of a loser, because i think thats way below the average number of calls one gets.. of course, i am a notch above an ex colleague who used to have extended conversations on various subjects with the pizza call center people... :)
The latest mall in the city is the traffic signal.. there they try to sell me goggles, handsfree kits, CDs, magazines and newspapers, wallets, no, apartments i think are still a little way off..And yes, how could i forget!! the traffic signals also house those who try to sell me their deformities, and in the process, perhaps my guilt.. the guilt of having been born with all limbs intact, the guilt of having a house to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear...
a few years back, i used to be a sales guy, selling broadband... even these days, i become a sales guy occasionally, when i am attending an interview.. i am selling my skillset and trying to negotiate the best deal possible for myself...and thats what i have realised, at the end of the day, its one big marketplace, we are all selling something, sometimes to others, sometimes to ourselves...

until next time, for everything, theres a price to pay...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The World and Me

Ah, One of those days when i feel i can take on the world...
of course the world sees many like me on a daily basis...
The world couldn't care less..

until next time, just another global issue

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I saw at least three posts last week on the title, so i decided that even though i have never owned one in my life, i'd contribute my two cents... i am amazed by how a word can so drastically change in context just by its varying forms - adjective, noun and verb...
as an adjective, i like theories and hate bottles
as a noun, i am ambivalent, swinging towards hate
as a verb, now thats another ballgame altogether :)

until next time, petite post

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Right wavelength

I saw the following line in a book, and immediately felt this applied to a lot of my virtual friends and perhaps a few faces i see around me..
"There was something else too - a hiddenness. He acted like he had something important going on, thaton some frequency of his life beyond the visible spectrum there was great exceitement."
Hmm, it might have applied to me too, but even putting on the act is boring :)

until next time, transmission

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Help, they're all after my money

If you happen to be in Bangalore, there are two places you could go for the mall experience(mauling and getting mauled) - Forum and Garuda.... and if its not enough that they have so many shopping options that even people such as me,who have been accused innumerable times of being a miser, are sorely tempted to put a password to my wallet an promptly forget it, they both have shopping festivals running simultaneously.. and everyone but everyone is offering discounts like they were going out of fashion...
which has led me to the conclusion that they are all after my money, no, not just me, but other poor sods like me who consider the visit to the mall an integral part of an otherwise non existent social life..
while that was fine earlier, when most of the things on display were easily out of bounds, now that large two digit numbers have been displayed as percentage off, the situation can be summarised by a nice line i read a few days back - "Lead me not to temptation, i can find the way myself..."

until next time, ratting on the malls

Monday, October 09, 2006


He : Guys, do you want anything from Calcutta?
Another He: Riya Sen.
Yet Another He: Now thats ambitious. Its difficult to even get some common sense out of him.

until next time, wanna add two cents?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Miss Leading

In case you are wondering which nubile contestant in what paegant i am talking about, all ican say is that your line of thought is skewed, but then, that was just the idea- to illustrate a point..
The newspapers and channels have been famous for these kind of headlines for quite some time now, part of an overall theme of being one up, creating news and packaging it in such a way as to seduce, no thats not the correct word, theres another one thats being bandied about by a lot of people in the fraternity - titillate (no, it does not mean delayed development of mammary glands!!)..
Indiatimes, being an extension of the paper in a lot of ways, also uses this regularly, but i was in for a surprise when i went checking for the actress/model who was seen with the fastest Indian (which is also open for debate) following this link 'Diva with India's fastest man'..
until next time, a mere slip of a blogger