Thursday, November 29, 2007


He was perplexed at the honking happening behind him, the signal still had 10 seconds to green. As several motorists passed him, they gave him ugly scowls that meant ‘What the hell are you waiting for?’ The experiences so far had convinced him that something was passing him by, people or time, he couldn’t tell.
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Monday, November 26, 2007

No Entry

He tried opening it, but with exactly the same result as before. He was almost in a state of panic now. The day was almost over, and he absolutely had to get in. He wondered if the others were as anxious as he was. After all, how long could you keep Facebook closed for maintenance?

until next time, social disaster

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Those of you familiar with my retail adventures would know I’m getting perilously close to being scarred for life, courtesy those shopping expeditions with D. It was only my timely inaction that helped me come through the latest one, when a PYT near me told the salesperson, ‘Hi, I’d like to see a dark bottom’

until next time, know when to butt in

Monday, November 19, 2007

Write, said Ideasmith

On how to write, and since some of the best bloggers have been part of the tag and written well about it, and since subjective views can go on forever, i shall impose a constraint on myself and try to express what i feel makes the written word interesting to the reader... The constraint is that i will stick to the brief, to the letter
Words - Not because Boyzone said so, but they remain the only means with which to convey the writer's expression to the reader. Hence they must be chosen with care, for a single word can open up a world of emotions or reduce it to nothingness. In essence, words being the building material for any literary work, should be used with care.
Rhetoric - While words might be the building material, the writer has to sense how to use them. Just like good building material can be wasted without a plan, if the words do not flow in a manner thats interesting to others, their reason for existence is lost.
Imagination - What makes the written word interesting is not just how it is written, but what is written, and this is where the mental wanderings of the writer come into play. While its definitely possible to make the oft repeated tale interesting, a new thought definitely has the advantage in holding the reader's attention.
Translation - The wandering can throw up several images for the writer to use, but if they are not translated properly into the written form of expression, they are wasted. The success of the written piece depends on the clarity with which it is communicated to the reader.
Introspective - The writer should be open to introspection, becuse more often than not, the best ideas are within. And not just the ideas, but the words of expression and all of the final text. For if an idea is given to a person, so is the power to fulfil it.
Non Subjective - It is often debated that the writer writes for self expression, and the views of the reader have only so much value. I, for one, would love to get the perspective of the reader too, and therefore, when writing , view the written word from a vantage point that i think the reader would have.
Gripping - fiction, non fiction, humour, drama - whatver be the context and content of the writing, it should be able to holdthe reader's attention. If its through a new idea or perspective, great, if not, at least through the way in which it is presented. For if the interest wanes, then the purpose is defeated.

until next time, write on.
PS. Austere, Prerona, Tys, would be great if you can pick up the tag :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Peak Peek

He was a beach boy. Gimme the sea any day, he said when quizzed on vacations. That was until he met them, and no, it had nothing to do with the Indian fascination for whiteness. Tall and majestic, with a grave look that came from having seen it all. Silent, eternal, awe inspiring, the Himalayas.

until next time, mountains due :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Reply All

SMS wishes have never been my forte. So I never initiate wish smses, since they might end up wishy washy. But I religiously reply to all the ones I get with a ‘Thank you. Wish you the same.’ But this Diwali, some unknown personstumped me with this ‘Wish you and your family the same’

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guiding lights

He ran up the stairs to the terrace, excited. Lighting rockets was fun, and so was watching them zoom. Years later, he’d watch other rockets as they soared randomly, as though preempting the future of those who lit them. As time passed, there’d been brighter lights, the diwali lights were fading, just like the memories.

until next time, happy diwali

Monday, November 05, 2007


True. The five elements are in us. The water coursing within, in various forms. The earthy smell that’s emanated. The air breathed in, leaving in myriad forms. The fire burning within, but embracing too, and the combination creating the effect of floating in space. No, not an abstract post, the result of a gastric infection

until next time, gut wrenching :(

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time to say Tata

Sometimes it takes a traumatizing event to force one to think in hitherto neglected directions. Directions which one thought would never appear in one’s consideration set, directions which have the potential to create more life changing experiences, perhaps joys, perhaps sorrows. Cable operators have a way of orchestrating such events. Life’s about to become jhingalala.
until next time, sky's not the limit