Thursday, March 29, 2007

Truth or Dare?

What if the biggest show of sympathy
was just to hide the apathy
and what if you looked truth in the eye
and found a bigger lie?

until next time, whats verse? ;)

Monday, March 26, 2007


From the time of birth, you are expected to conform - the way you behave, where you learn, what you learn, how you dress, who you are seen with, what you buy and how you use it, what you eat, where you eat it and how you eat it, and so on and so forth...
some of us conform and live our entire life based on the rules that have been already set without our permission...
and then there are some of us, who refuse to walk the trodden path, who refuse to conform to the set standards, and evolve our own... and we behave, eat, learn, mingle, buy and do things exactly the way we like it... and over a period of time become part of a set of others, who we identify with.... until the time we feel that we are conforming...

until next time, i'm a non conformist, is that okay? ;)

Thursday, March 22, 2007


is a state...
of mind... :))))))

until next time, < /vacation >

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Twenty nine years back, they had to buy me one
These days, i make my own :)
until next time, why is no one wishing me ?!

Monday, March 12, 2007



Them: Coming for the concert?
Me: Nah,not a Floyd fan
Them: Comfortably Dumb, huh?


He: Finally figured out what Floyd is - Nursery rhymes for adults
Me: Is that a momentary lapse of reason?
He: Nope, the final cut
Me: I'm lost for words
until next time, keep talking :)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

A part meant

As part of the hunt for our next residence, D and I have been visiting several apartments in various locations, sometimes even getting ambitious and looking at ones in the vicinity of MG Road, and have had some ridiculous figures thrown at us.
On one such occasion, in a particularly plush place, the conversation went thus
Us: so how much are you expecting to get for this?
He: 65,000 per month
Us: Can we do part payment. As in, do you have an emi option?

Until next time, ghar ghar ki kahani

Monday, March 05, 2007

Of Carrots

I'm always amazed at the sudden increase in the value of an employee as soon as he informs those above of his intention to leave. Thats around the time when the higher ups suddenly think about increasing his portfolio (if he is leaving out of sheer boredom) or removing stuff from his plate (if he is leaving because he is overworked)... Whichever way it is, the employee is suddenly flooded with stuff that is supposed to entice him to stay...
And then, unless it was a well planned effort by the employee to force his superiors to improve his condition, it goes this way that, in response to all the halwas, the employee says,
"mujhe gajar pasand nahi hai"

until next time, Hari Sadu, H for Hitler, A for Arrogant.... :)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Faster, honey, faster....

Is that what its come to now.... love, that is? the romantics are an endangered species... gone are the days of roses and chocolates and the slow romance. from what i see around, its gone faster and faster and faster until its now come down to speed dating...
no, i dont want to do a moral policing act here, wouldnt do good to sound like a prude and tarnish the otherwise hep nature of this blog...hehe.. so let me just write about it... I thought that it was merely a Valentine Day phenomenon, or in the case of the next weekend, a hangover, but apparently not.. because i have been informed of at least 3 separate events happening over this weekend and the next, and whats more, these are sponsored by brands ranging from chewing gum to fashion brands...
Since i havent been attending any, i'm guessing the agenda based on what i have seen in movies, and heard from others.. rows of guys/girls sitting in a fashion similar to their regular office cubicle existence and getting around 10-15 minutes with someone from the opposite gender before he/she moves on to the next... me thinks thats exactlywhat is needed after the pressures of a 'perform or perish' existence at work... but i guess to each their own...
You think they have the speed daters have a customised lingo of sorts? like say, "Take off your clothes" means remove your inhibitions an be open
"Don't worry, i have protection" means that the person is well settled in life, has a good bank balance and is insured etc
But like i said, to each their own, for there might be people having fun when their partner at speed dating reacts to their attempts to make an impression by looking at the watch and saying, "faster, honey, faster, if you do it well, i just might come with you !! "

until next time, that title was a fast one :)