Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Manuscrypts Reloaded

and finally, i have done it, well, at least started, its not time for the accolades to pour in, hehe......oh Shut Up.....i have been trying to revamp this thing for some time now, the stalling factor was thati am not a computer geek, and after seeing some other blogs, (that guy who is at ) i somehow developed a complex that i would end up doing something boring.......BUT THEN, i suddenly realised that it all boils down to just being that sparked the return of yours truly blogger, and with the help of my good friend Rakesh, who is a geek himself,( though he doesnt seem mightily interested in blogging) finally learnt the lil bit of geekness that is required to edit my links top it up, went on a lil bit of shopping for blogging tools, well, shopping is a wrong term, coz they were all free....and finally cannot end today's diaorrhea without mentioning the one (and can be) only The Dissident Frogman, guys, like Mr.Saltwater Blues, the one who gave me a complex, would say, what r ya doing here, go visit him!!

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