Monday, July 28, 2003

Bollywood and the big picture

thats the basic premise i am going to post on today, coz i caught up with a lil of my backlog in that area, saw khwaish and will bore you with mini reviews....khwaish is a very down to earth movie, totally unpretentious, and if it had the right hero and good promos, instead of harping on the smooches (which werent all that good), it might just have clicked... the hero dude is way too wooden to do any good, he should audition for a terminator role (he's more deadpan that arnie), it took till the last scene to squeeze out the actor in him...the movie touched me coz of the simplicity...and i have always been a sucker for pathos...qayamat, all u have to do to make this movie work is replace arbaaz, sanjay kapoor and that chunkey pandey..(u would expect some kind of improvement when the guy has been out for years, and become a star in bangladesh, but some things never change).. oh, what the hell, qayamat is basically 'the rock' , the cage and connery hollywood seems ram gopal varma is doing a sequel of darna mana hai, to be titled darna zaroori hai...i think i can see the version 1 by next week.the national awards were announced, and ajay devgan is best actor for 'the legend of bhagat singh'...u have to see it to believe it, what a performance, he really made you feel for bhagat singh and his ideologies..'mr and mrs iyer' got 4 awards, again well deserved, another simple movie, which could have been made complicated, but thankfully was not.....hey, any budding writers out there, do check this out.
and yes michelle, the big picture, before that, i want to sidetrack, otherwise i'll forget about it, some hindus believe that you acquire the karma of the animal you eat, so its best to be regards the iranian twins, for now i can only quote malcolm muggeridge(journalist/tv host/writer)' " in all the larger shaping of life, there is a plan already, into which one has no choice but to fit".....isnt death itself a part of the big picture? arent there a whole lot of people who die before 28? and maybe, just maybe, if thay had waited for some more time, we might have had a different ending??and a t-shirt for our kinda people, bloggers, here..hmm, i just might get a few "is that the first time you are seeing it" responses for that, wont i??......relax, the ranting stops with
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What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls "a butterfly" - Richard Bach

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