Friday, July 11, 2003


Thats the feeling i have on Fridays, 2 days of doing a lot of lil nothings....have to come for a couple of hours tomorrow, but thats fine ...Most probably will buy a cd tomorrow, so more music....I was thinking of the term 'whistleblowers'... thats people who blow the whistle on their organisations when there is a malpractice of some sort....then i got to wondering about the different terms that have sprung up these days, corporate terminology of course, butstill .. isnt ethics all about being fair, and whistleblowing, just being honest... there was a time when people were honest by default, now they have terms for people who become honest, after being around dishonesty for long periods of time....whats next??
hey, for people who love those sexy videos on tv, if u want them to keep playing, have your say here!! heres a god fwd i got - "when does skin meet skin, hair meet hair, and balls disappear?"...the answer is 'when you blink' ;-) and thats it for this week, people, have a great weekend, but not before you read
manuscrypts trivia
Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.

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