Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Spiritual Fugitive

That is inspired by an article i read, the link for which i got from a good find i made, no, that would be credit misplaced, actually it found me... so guys, check out this blog of Deki , it makes very interesting read.....so back to the title, it refers to me at some stage of my life, actually i think, applicable even now, to some extent... the stage when i dont want to explicitly acknowledge the presence, relevance or influence of God in my life, but at the same time will not, rather, dare not denounce his existence completely.....i still experience the phase now, especially when i feel that life isnt fair..and promptly thank god, when the feeling has passed..hehe....
these phases usually also mean that i spend time staring at the sky, trying to fathom my place in the scheme of things - you know, earth out of billions of planets, india out of hundreds of countries, bangalore out of .....the purpose existence at all, and sometimes i wonder, is the purpose of life, living itself? are we trying to attribute too much to it......hmmmmm
manuscrypts trivia
picked this up from the same article i mentioned earlier - " part of a fast-growing population of global souls who exist in many cultures all at once "and so fall in the cracks between them."

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