Wednesday, July 16, 2003

There's no place like home

isnt that what Dorothy Gail said in the wizard of oz?? well, i am going off home for an extended weekend..this week has more weekend than weekdays :-)....the snag, as always , is that when you are going back home after a long time period, theres so much work to do and so many people to see that time flies and i wont know when sunday comes and i have to be back....but then, lemme enjoy the journey, the potholes can take a hike...hehe
dont know if the net connection at home still works, so, like jim carey says in The Truman Show, in case i dont see you, good afternoon and good night... :-), and a good weekend too..its raining , the cats and dogs kind, in Kerala, which basically means that when i go out, either i wade or the vehicle wades or both wade, the last is the worst case scenario when it gets stuck in knee to waist high water...thats when the barriers between drains and roads cease to exist, and you can see all sorts of stuff floating around you, hehe, ok, enough of gross stuff!!, but thats the way it is, and i love it anyway, coz theres no place like home...
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"You think that because you understand ONE you understand TWO, because one and one makes two. But you must understand AND."... ~ Sufi proverb

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