Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Like the legendary phoenix

pooh, as if, right? but i have to say something when i am making a return into normal blogging what has been happening, no, dont yawn yet, you know i dont write long stories.. had been gone on an outdoor trip as part of a training program in my company, then went home, as in what in desi language we call 'native place'....and like every story has some villanous shades too, when i came back from all this, there was a pile of work waiting for me.........
though i had never made a proactive decision, when i did get a chance to be completely offline, i took it, just to make sure that i wasnt on an addiction.. hehe
so this one is just to stave off those obituary notes, not that i think anyone would have written them.... global thoughts, personal idiosyncrasies, mundane observations, trivia..all from tomorrow.....ah, its good to be back.. :-)

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