Monday, February 09, 2004

We don't need no India Shining

thats probably what the IIMs want to be singing after the govt slashed their fee structure..... i am actually confused, and have very ambivalent thoughts on the issue...on one hand, i dont like the govt sticking its hands into something thats an established brand, and has shown thats its perfectly capable of handling its business, it looks like they wanna have a share of a good thing, maybe even use that in the 'india shining' campaign.... on the other hand, i also feel that a govt influence might make the IIMs more accessible....
btw, the election commission has warned the govt not to spend the revenue from taxes for the campaign, so we might get a breather.. :-)
speaking of IIMs, i just had a thought, humankind protests against all kinds of disparities - race, sex, age etc..but arent institutions like IIMs promoting discrimination based on intellectual aptitude.... at every level of academic life, we strive to take tests and pass, arent we therefore subjecting ourselves to a screening for checking our levels of intellect....they are just standards that suit the majority... i get admission in a good college coz i performed well in school, i get a good job coz i did well in college, the list goes on....but what gives us the right to discriminate against those who arent as bright?? ... is it right to condemn them to a life of misery, self doubt and frustration just because they cant utilise their brains to the extent we can?? but we do, coz if we dont, a lot of existing systems would crash!!
saw "plan" during the weekend, expectations were close to nil coz of the reviews, but surprise, surprise, it wasnt that bad, which goes to show that you cant trust reviews all the time....sanjay dutt seems to be perfecting the 'comic don' character.... the movie has some corny shayari, courtesy, dutt and mahesh manjrekar, who has also done a good job..think this one takes the cake "sher ke saamne sher bolne se chooha sher nahi banta; bache paida karne hote hain, god lene se koi baap nahi banta"....... :-)
been reading a whole cartload of articles on 'outsourcing', am actually wondering whether He has outsourced sustenance to someone, that would answer a lot of questions regarding the way humankind is evolving, the 'quality' issues....btw, have a look at this link, a good read.which brings me to
manuscrypts triviadont remember where i got it from, but its good
In The Adventures of Griswald Gnome: A Fairy Tale for Children of all Ages, the magician gnome starts by saying, "I am a Peristaltic Basaltic Cabalist.""A reformed deformer, searcher for research, a regrind grinder, one who once faltered, but reflated and did rejoin as a joiner. If I might presume, I'm going to lecture you. This statement is my testament: my supreme objective is to preserve the perverse,"and the usual quotes
"To a large degree reality is whatever the people who are around at the time agree to."~ Milton Miller
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Einstein

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