Monday, March 01, 2004

Moving On

once upon a time there was a town. the geography of it does matter, but we will come to it later. the town had a decent share of manufacturing units, and fairly big ones at that. these units understood their social responsibilities very well. they built their share of the infrastructure - roads, parks, living quarters; and since the aspiration levels of the citizens were at a reasonable level, life seemed to be good all around. people started settling there after their retirement coz of the good infrastructure and excellent climate. you could see happy smiles all around, no traffic snarls, no road rage, slow paperwork instead of frenzied mails, (no blogs too, but thats okay, i doubt whether any of us could do anything worthwhile then ;-)), altogether a leisurely pace of life. pops have enough money, so kids can enjoy at the pubs, which have started to happen. but life is one phenomenon where the laws of inertia does not work.
enter the 90's, entrepreneurism is the happening thing, software companies , (read start ups) appear on the horizon, a new breed of techies are born, they have the money, they have the career path figured out, they wanna spend, baby, and rao obliges, liberalisation is in...infrastructure has not exactly kept up with the pace coz these companies are more into branding than infrastructure, but still not that bad... pubs mushroom, discos are in place, life is a party and the animals are evolving. life is slightly hurried, hey, but what the hell, we are enjoying it!! inertia doesnt work, we have to move on.
the 2000's....the first gen techies are in middle age, but the new gen has almost the same mantras in place. then come the call centres, kids after college (some before college too) have access to quick money, so what if they have to be nocturnal !! kids, no i am not demeaning them in any way, but kids.... kids who have a limited, skewed view of life, kids who have no career path, kids who have no clue, no, have not thought about what life will be 10 years later, kids who will buy fast machines so they look 'cool' in front of their friends, kids who do not realise that their ol' city hasnt got the infrastructure to support their lifestyle(infrastructure?? my a**, we are into cost cutting) , a city that has to adjust to the nocturnal needs of the new breed, but hey wait, there are guys who say it is shining, so it must be.... kids now, kids hoping to be kids forever.....inertia?? uh-huh
2010's.... the call centres that came in zooming are zooming out, the kids are told that their counterparts in a remote part of the world they have only heard about, can do work at a lower in the larger interests of the organisation the jobs are being sent there....the kids' future just collapsed coz there aint no plan b.
look at the town, no, the city- the plazas, the malls, the complexes are all empty coz the kids now have no money to spend, the new techies are too busy, the old techies have lost the fire...the manufacturing units are closed a long time back coz the kids never wanted to work there. somewhere along the line, it ceased to become a pensioners paradise coz the traffic got too heavy, the atmosphere too polluted, and life too fast. a city dying.....
we can be happy now, coz this is not happening here. but this is my expanded view of what happened here. i am not a pessimist, lennon would hardly call me a dreamer, but realistic?? i think so......
the political system 'there' is much less volatile, what about 'here'? in a society and politic that is already divided and subdivided on regionalism, religionalism, casteism etc, can we afford the volatility when (and if) the jobs (which were an integral part of the shining) left us??
sam pitroda, the man behind the std booths you see all around, says the telecom boom we see are a result of the seeds sown a couple of decades ago.... what are the seeds we have sown for tomorrow??
check this out, not exactly in the realm, but getting there................but hey, maybe "its not for us to question why, its only for us to do and die"
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"Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness" ~ James Thurber
"Concern for man and his fate must always form the chief interest of all technical endeavors. Never forget this in the midst of your diagrams and equations." and "Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."~ Einstein
"why cant male sheep be called heep?" ~ manu (couldnt resist)

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