Thursday, May 27, 2004


When an Italian born Roman Catholic asks a Muslim president to make a (now) Pakistan born Sikh, the Prime Minister, in a country thats predominantly hindu, and still a vast section of the world that considers it a xenophobic, 'prone to fanaticism' country, i started wishing Induism were a little more aggressive. Induism, because it can never go back to what the original way of life stood for, it has evolved due to internal and external reasons.....
When a buffoon like Bush unleashes savagery on whatever country he deems fit for having WMDs, supporting terrorism and a whole range of blah blah that only he understands, the world turns a blind eye, and then regains sight when a Best Bakery happens. "Hindu fanaticism at its worst!!".
The only political party that at least makes a semblance (in its own ways) of being Hindu friendly gets chucked out of power for (supposedly) India not having shined for the poor. and pray, what shine did the country get during the first 50 years of independence, when the congress was a virtual monopoly?
are we talking about an existence, that has created a north-south divide that is perhaps impossible to erase,
an era which boasted of the 'emergency'?, sure that must be something of a trophy for democracy in india,
a rule which created poster boys like laloo yadav, ram vilas paswan etc whose sole claim to fame is the caste vote
and a rule in which the Left stood watching while china screwed us, hell, they even applauded!!
in today's context , the same rule which is cosying to the Left,( who still think USSR exists.)
the secular coalition, which has a party called Muslim League in it, with ministerial berths!!
If this country is so secular, what is its problem with a hindu party. only because hindus are a majority. and are not aggressive enough!! because muslims are a minority and they need a party to get their rights, of which they already have more than enough!!
nobody talks of hindusim getting diluted, coz its a mature enogh religion to absorb. tomorrow if i launched a party called the hindu nationalist party, i would get a stay order from the supreme court, and the US would talk about fanaticism and immaturity and barbarism. but hey, would they let a mohammed or ram rule capitol hill? hell, they havent been able to get an african american in, that should happen in the next millenium.......
manuscrypts trivia
speaking of capitol hill, heard of the latest 'washingtonienne' sex scandal, read about it here, and then read some rare excerpts here or here.
and a good fwd i got
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Thank you,

Boss in General

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