Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Lighthouse

Thats how i would describe this template. i am not sure if blogger has named it the same. the template is partly the reason i decided to shift here (psst psst, i am sick of copy pasting template codes from sites..hehe)
i love the sea, must have something to do with my starsign, that and the fishy character bit :)... and i love all the visuals they have used in the template - the clouds, the waves breaking against the rocks,the lighthouse itself.....
the clouds, because of the sense of serenity and infinity that they portray.... the rocks and the waves, which show me the paradoxical situations of end and continuity..
..and the lighthouse - waves crashing all around, but still standing strong... seeing clearly the things around, helping others see it too, awake when everyone is asleep, awake when everyone is sheltered, awake to help people find the shore safely.... day, i hope to live life like the lighthouse, remain awake, see things clearly,help others see too, and still stand strong....(uh oh, scary thought..did i just describe a call centre job??)
till next time, lighten up !!

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