Monday, September 27, 2004

Relative Values

These days, i find i am 'doing' the things that 'happened' to me in childhood, to this generation of kids (perverts, mind your mind !!)..simply because i am reaching the stage of life that my relatives were in,at that time...Relatives were important initially coz of the attention they gave, and perhaps also because of the favourable comparisons (favourable to me, that is..hehe) they made with their offspring.... and it was only a sidenote that they used to give pocket money when they left....
unfortunately, increased exposure to the material world gradually converted the sidenote to a headline..well, thats the excuse..:)..gradually their visits became important because they became a major source of revenue... i will refrain from commenting on the status of the comparisons...
On my last visit to kerala, i ended up on the 'relative' side of things... quite obviously, i wasnt so naive that i couldnt understand the relatively low value of affection(for the kids, that is)... i was smug in the knowledge that, at the time of saying bye, i would be bestowing some surprise pocket money on the 'kids'.... but i realised how 'out of touch' i was with the world, when hours before departure, the 'kids'started asking me how much i planned to give them.... the only solace was that i had matched their expectations in least i think i did... shudder to think of comparisons!! Innocence was not lost, it wasnt there at all!! ...*sulk*
until next time, get some values!!

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