Monday, October 11, 2004

Freaky Friday

i had promised myself that i wouldnt give this blog a 'my diary' feel, but have to chronicle this, so it can serve as a benchmark for later days -
it all started with D preponing the weekend laziness and saying that she would go to office late . me having built a system of timelines, even this tiny aberration was enough to cause a bug in my system, due to which i got delayed too, a marginal 15 minutes, but delayed nevertheless. during travel time to office, i cajoled my system into a feel good mood.
less than a kilometer from the office, the kiney decides to prepone the weekend laziness and refuses to respond to auto start, kick start or any bludy start, all this only 4 days after a full servicing.i started dragging it (hate leaving it) , saw a closed workshop on the way, and finally reached an open one a kilometre later (in a direction away from the office). Got the kiney repaired in one hour, and gotto watch a Sony Playstation go through a cleaning session with an equipment they usually use to check tyre pressure...i swear!!
cajoled my system into feeling good again, only to promptly crash into an auto that turned without a signal... the traffic policeman also supported me, but couldnt get the auto guy to pay for the broken helmet visor, rear view mirror and the mental trauma...only solace was that i changed his relationship with his mom, sister (if he has one) etc.... forever, hopefully..grrrr
got to office, the comp system hung twice before realising it was only a friday and not the weekend... had almost brought my system into normal mode when a colleague literally marched by and insisted he wouldnt stop till i marched with him, the excuse being that i would forget marching (the last time i marched was in std xii).. the logic that there was no reason for me to remember it anyways, did not appeal to him.....that is the last thing i remember on friday, my system hung!!
P.S just in case you though it was over, i got a message at 10 pm on saturday to let me know that i'd have to grace the office with my presence on sunday.
until next time, drive safe....

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