Monday, October 04, 2004

The games people Play

Monopoly, yup, the board game alright. One of my fave games ever, though there are some uncharitable people who call it a game that gets you bored. A couple of months back, i had bought the computer version of the game, and have been addicted since. this weekend, i finished the 15th and final level, so i thought i had to write a post on it, thereby slightly altering the 'introspection' scheme of things to the 'my diary' kind...but let me assure you that its only a temporary aberration, which shall be rectified in this post itself...
hmm, back to monopoly, for those who are regulars, the comp version is slightly different coz there are different levels, with each level having a different objective. also some things like having to own all locations of the same color before starting construction have been bypassed, which actually makes it much better.
as with all the games i play, i tried to find a link between me, the person, and the game i am playing.... monopoly allows you to completely destroy your opponent, using whatever cheap trick (read strategy) that you can think of, it allows you to toy with your opponent's future and plans, and if you are real good at the game, put him in situations that will make him do exactly what you want him to do... all of which are things that get done in today's world....but fortunately or unfortunately not the things i could bring myself to do in my current 'love and peace to all' avtar (which looks to be more and more a permanent state of affairs)..hehe...
and so, do i like games like monopoly, delta force, unreal etc coz they allow me to be someone i am not, manifest myself in a form that i cannot be 'really'... and so again, is it possible for all of us to find our own games, take out the rage , frustration, deviousness etc on the game, so that we can stop playing games on other people??
until next time, keep playing

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