Monday, November 29, 2004

The calling...

thats a good band, but this post aint about them, its about us..
virtual acquaintances- to each other, thats mostly what we are..
my tryst with yahoo messenger began during my post grad days, i think it was the place where 'manuscrypts' as a term originated... all my yahoo friends were people who were known to me 'really'.. so there was no question of 'virtual personalities''s only blogging where most of the people i know are 'virtual personalities'.. to a certain extent, they are only as virtual as their photos online.. but then again,i think i've seen only simon's, pradeep's and wings'. to be fair, images helped me find a cousin who blogs, but that, i think, was only an aberration...i have never been too fond of blogmeets, simply because i love the anonymity and the'someone, somewhere' feeling (no, not the 'made for you' one, a little more ordinary)..
more importantly, to maintain a forum where judgements are made only based on thoughts and words, not the physical manifestations... to put it a lil more bluntly acne, dandruff, body odour etc dont matter on the net.. at a similarly superficial level, nor do complexion, looks etc... personalities are what they write...but, increasingly, i find that more friends are being made on blogs than in real life,maybe because, there is no compulsion, i can read someone's writings, if i like what i read, i'll be back, else i wont.. simple, and no baggage.. and people take hints much better online..hehe..
maybe its easier to reach a comfort level this way, without the regular constraints... the next step in evolution, is to find out whether once the comfort level is achieved, can it be scaled upto the real friends level? times have changed, havent they? from building friendships in the real world and facing the challenge of maintaining them online to building friendships online and facing the challenge of maintaining them in the real world?
someone in the list is coming to bangalore, so here's calling all creatures of the web, what about a meet over coffee??
until next time, virtually yours...


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