Thursday, February 03, 2005

Destiny's Child

A dark, cold night, not unnatural in this time of the year, he thought as he drove fast towards his master's home. and not exactly a night one would want to venture out on, but this was a life or death situation. life or death for his master's son. a worthy son of a worthy father.
the medicine he was carrying could save the son's life, a life which could be very important in a few years' time, for his master was a very powerful political personality and his son was poised to take over when his time came. and he was already showing signs of scaling heights that his father would himself have loved to touch. in short a very worthy personality in his own right.
but that was until the sickness showed up. it gradually spread in him till he was a shell of his former self. all the doctors in the land were consulted, but even they could not give a correct diagnosis, a cure was far away. that was when his master heard of a practitioner who could perform miracles. he was said to have travelled in far away lands, and had cures for diseases which other doctors couldnt even diagnose correctly.and he lived up to his reputation. after he had seen the patient once, the practitioner correctly traced back all the phases of the sickness. and thankfully confirmed that he had a cure.
as he urged the horses faster, these were the thoughts that played in his mind, and he was happy that he had been chosen to carry the medicine safely from the practitioner's clinic to the master's house. who knew, he might be altering the course of destiny itself. and so it was that he saw the little boy crossing the street only a few seconds before the possible collision. his mind worked furiously. if he tried to stop the horses, there was a definite possibility of the carriage skidding on the snow. if he didnt, the child would get trampled under the horses.he made his decision, and the skid threw him out of the carriage onto a wall. there were only two things he remembered as he was losing consciousness - the child staring wide eyed in shock, and the sound of a bottle of glass shattering - the bottle of medicine.
he was taken home, and regained consciousness a few hours later. as soon as he woke, he asked two questions - one answer made him feel miserable, and the other made him sigh in relief. his master's son had died, for the medicine hadnt reached him in time, but the boy was unharmed. in fact the onlookers had said that his actions were heroic and most humane.
he saw the boy in the corner, and called him close. the boy muttered his thanks and the man smiled. his wife said that their rabbi was there to see him. as the little boy was waving goodbye, the man asked him,"whats your name, child?"."adolf", replied the child, "adolf hitler".

until next time, beyonce makes a better destiny's child

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