Monday, March 21, 2005


Ajay Devgan (in a borrowed raincoat :) ) is the poster boy for this post. i have been wanting to write this ever since i saw the movie, and a few days back, when i saw another character like him, i had to write, because i know a lot of guys like these, and i sympathise with them..
- the driver who looks on in anguish as a guy zooms past him, riding on the wrong side, because he is too nice/meek not to do it.
-the guy who stutters at the waiter that the people who came after him have gotten a table as well as their food, and he is still waiting.
-the guy who slogs all day at work and watches a colleague walking away with the accolades because he aggressively presented himself.
-the woman who suffers verbal/physical abuse from her husband.
-the kid who is forever bullied by friends/cousins.....................

there is a feeling that aggression has to be developed if you are to succeed/ get out of the sad predicament/s you are in. but what if you are made that way, when you cannot be forcible enough, when you are too nice to take offense? are you going to be defenceless, are you going to suffer forever, is it only you who can save yourself? but if you are made that way, can you save yourself? or will you forever have to slink away to the bathroom to sit and cry in isolation? because you are too meek to even cry aloud.
and sometimes it is not just about being is because you have a principle that what goes around will come around, and therefore cannot bring yourself to shout/ proclaim/abuse.....
does this world cater only to people who are willing to fight? do you have to snatch something thats yours by right? do you have to shove your way forward all the time? was life ever meant to be such a big fight??
to correct myself, i dont sympathise, i empathise, because quite a few times i see the character when i look in the mirror.
until next time, " Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth".


Nupur said...

1st of all whats with the dates dude! Its not 24th yet...anywhere on this planet.

I admit being like that at times or seeing people in such situations. And I have learnt that if you want something in life and want it bad - atleast make the effort to get yourself heard. If you keep it inside.... never trying, leaving it all to fate - how will you know!
Whats fate? And if really what goes around comes around - then how come some people get away with anything and everything! Why are they never caught/punished and the deserving never rewarded?!

Ink Spill said...

do you have to snatch something thats yours by right? Yes.
do you have to shove your way forward all the time? Yes.
was life ever meant to be such a big fight? Yes.

Charles Darwin

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Pleomorphous said...

"but what if you are made that way, when you cannot be forcible enough, when you are too nice to take offense"

The day I don't that, the world accuses me of over-reacting.

M said...

"there is a feeling that aggression has to be developed if you are to succeed" - Uve seen it happen, havent u!
"it is because you have a principle that what goes around will come around, and therefore cannot bring yourself to shout/ proclaim/abuse....." - how often has this happened to you??
U NEED TO BE A "B" at times (or most of the time)!!!!!!!!

manuscrypts said...

nupur: always hated that centre wheel on the mouse.. thats how the dates got changed.. as for fate, i am not even going on that lane of thought... but what u r saying, i guess, is confirming my suspicions.. is that norms have changed..:(

inkz: he did a bad thing by writing it... he interpreted it in one sense, we deciphered in another.. did nature actually mean it that way??

manuscrypts said...

pleo: yup, something's wrong, hugely wrong!!

m: and thats exactly whats wrong :(

garfy said...

Do you reeeealhy believe that the meek shall inherit the earth? Isnt that some weird kinda consoling philosophy to keep everyone happy and make the exploited feel happy n become masochistic? ;)

Okie seriously.. I dont believe that anyone can be passive to things that happen... if you are wronged, you gotta stand up and ATLEAST squeak, if not glare! N you have to aggressive for anything you want! Thats the problem! :( do the ones not cut out for it just shrivel up and die? *bawl*

the votary of truth said...

hey maan -- i am reading ur blog for da first time -- the reason i am here is cuz "miss elixir" on ur list wanted me to cuz she thinks i look forward to this kinda stuff -- u know the philosophical stuff !

only got a few words for ur blog budd :
" Time CHANGEs eveything -- n homo sapiens are no exception! the target is acheival of goals -- the means of gettin there CHANGE with passing time . Meek can metamorphise into aggressive n vice versa with the winds of CHANGE but the perfect balance is what needs to b achieved

catch yall later

manuscrypts said...

garfy: i do believe... and the problem is that i have a feeling that its too difficult to picture urself in the meek guy's shoes if u r an aggressive person....
but woman, i have to admit, u seem to have a very balanced outlook... :)... but yeah, come down :p

TVOT: am not too much into philosophy :).. but tell me, whats the goal.. how do we know we achieved it... and is it okay to do anything to achieve it....

la devil said...

its quite true that some ppl climb up the ladder by stamping on others..while some ppl make others their ladder.
u don need to be like them. u jus hav to shout out loud n clear that they canot use u for their gud.
yes u need to be agressiv to that xtent atleast. can't afford ppl takin u for grantd.
being nice is not being meek. n neithr is being meek, nice.
"if u r made that way"...who's made u that way??? -- U, ur attitude, ur outlook... change them. it'l take time but make that efort atleast.

garfy said...

*gasp* was that ... a compliment?
Anyhow am too busy gloating... floating away on the clouds to notice the latter bit! :P

But HOW can you BELIEVE that? U poor thing... the meanie capitalists got to you first!!! *sob* Another one falls prey!

And I am not aggressive...not until I am provoked! ;) I do know how the meek feel... i was one till I landed up in this city! *sigh* :P

Elixir said...

some people are naturally forceful,stamping their way through things, aggressive.
and some are naturally mild, gentle, docile to the point of being meek and submissive. not like they have a choice but thats the way they are made.

and some dont really have to be either.or both. more often than not, people do voice opposition when they r opressed for too long.and are aggressive when it is something they believe in.and some just change roles frm meek to aggressive in a changed circumstance or situation...

for me, sometimes its hope and wish after a good deed, sometime helpless secret defenceless vengeance and sometimes fear of...what goes around comes around.

i wonder if being neutral is blessed?? Really thought provoking... :-)

Anonymous said...

life is long- not too long, but long enough.
AND life is funny.
AND what goes around comes around.
AND NO ONE stays meek n timid and nicenice forever. conditioning, its called.
sharpening them claws

manuscrypts said...

devil: xactly what i am asking.. why is a change in attitude required?? will ask a return question to 'who made you that way'.. 'who made the norms this way'...

garfy: a city changed you?? :p

manuscrypts said...

elixir: finally, someone who isnt arguing.. thats pretty refreshing..hehe.. and yes, making you think is the idea... :)

austy: it was all going fine till the last so, u think that conditioning a good thing?? i, for one, am looking for some unconditioning... everyone here who have argued on this have portrayed this as some kind of necessary evil... so is it necessary if all of us know its evil??

Nupur said...

Nothing has changed mate...nothing!

From time immemorial - thats the rule of nature. We belong to the Animal Kingdom, where only those who fight for their lives survive while the others ones fall.
Even us humans, we developed like that... the human species that physically stronger than us but less adaptive died and we are alive.

....nothing has changed!
You have to make your own way.....

Anonymous said...

hey dat scripture was runnin thru my head the whole time i was reading ur say lucky you... you guys get to go straight to heaven... coz in the original translation...the word is "land"...not earth:))

Anonymous said...

ok dat was me -judy :))

manuscrypts said...

nupur: yup, agree with all that... and will say that nature had a reason to make us fittest... must have thought we would be smart enough to do the right thing... but i guess not ...

judy: i'll be happy with the earth for now :)

erratica said...

u are sometimes meek bcoz u dont want to hurt the other person. sometimes u r agrressive bcoz u dont want to be hurt [and u misjudge situations...being agressive when there is no need to be]. as freud said, agression that is not directed at the world is directed inwards.but the bottomline is aggression is destructive, it destroys the person who has to bear its brunt.
too much of a philosophical thought to last for a day!!
till they let the meek inherit the earth, i will be content with the heaven ;)

rapunzel said...

*sigh* it's the way of the world i guess manu :( cos u know wot....someone more forcible than u will get the better of u all the time.and u will get the better of someone who is less forcible than u might be. not cos u plotted n planned it that way but cos thats jus the way it is.meek...meeker...meekest??survival of the fittest??

manuscrypts said...

erratica: and i thought first the earth, then heaven :)

rapunzel: o-ho!! repairs are over??.. but u think meeker and meekest exist??

garfy said...

I sooooo agree wid Elixir! it ws coming to this city that turned me from the nice meek quiet lil kid to .... Well to me! :P
N its speaking out that usually lands me into some kind of trubble every other day! :-S

But hey being neutral isnt a blessing... well not theoretically although in practical life i cant dispute its pros! :P

But if you are neutral to things in life... arent you just passing thru life than living it? :(

Saltwater Blues said...

good post... and interesting comments. I really dont know about the meek inheriting the earth .... because the way I see it - after the others have had their fill, there won't be much left to inherit.

manuscrypts said...

garfy: and how do we judge whether passing thru is not a better way??

SwB: want some faith? ;)

blokes said...

look at it from the entropic viewpoint- the more aggressive, sooner u run out of steam, thence the meek catch up or rather remain to inherit! kinda the hare and tortoise. ultimately agressive or meek, the world has seen them all and a mosquito can bring about the downfall of a world conqueror! as long as the stammerer and stutterer is happy with his way of life, who cares otherwise? and if the abused and repressed feel bad about their lot, they either change their circumstances or change their attitudes!either ways waiting for a messiah or complaining dont work!