Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Hero

A small inconspicuous building in a remote island somewhere in south east asia. that was where he was, with a secret burning deep inside... he had flown here in his private jet,to commemmorate the birth anniversary of the man to whom he owed his current status... without that man, he would have been living a small life, in a small island.. not just him, every kid on the island his age..
the man, who had literally crash landed into their life ages ago, the only survivor of a plane crash.. though he had been very young, he still remembered how they had brought him to the village..he lay in a semi comatose state for nearly 2 years, forever rambling incoherently, in a language the island people didnt know... sometimes he sat bolt upright, eyes shining with a fire that commanded respect and awe..... the fisherman community of the small island tended to him for all the two years...he remembered the day in august, late 1940s, when the man regained full consciousness.. the first thing he asked was where he was, and seemed to understand the location from the rough drawings that the fisherman drew... he also realised that his co-travellers were dead.. however, he managed to confuse all those who asked him who he spite of his condition, and the fact that he was obligated to the village folk, there was an authority in his tone...
the next thing he wanted was an english newspaper...the fishermen somehow managed to get the newspaper from the town in the next village... he first got to know about the time period he was unconscious for, from the newspaper date.. it quite obviously shocked him, but there was another news in the newspaper that seemed to shock and delight him simultaneously....he asked the fishermen to get all the newspapers and magazines of the last two years they could get.. after he read them, he cried for a long time, and his tears seemed to have quenched something in him, for after that, the fire rarely glowed in his eyes...
he didnt answer questions about his origin, and to all those who asked who he was, he claimed that he had forgotten.. he stated that the village was going to be his home.. he started a school, brought books from the nearby towns, and taught all the village children - basic englishand maths and the concepts of freedom and liberty, and how to fight against all forms ofoppression.... the man soon became the village's hero and when he talked about freedom, the fire in the eyes were briefly back...
He was one of the many kids the man taught... he later went to college and reached a positionin life, few from his village could even dream of... and when he had come back to convey his gratiude, he came to know the man had died... a man who had gifted a future to many.. a man without a past....that was exactly what he wanted to find out.... and after decades of search, he did, and that was the secret... in a land far away, they had made a movie about his village's hero... it was called 'Bose - the forgotten hero'...
until next time, thank you mr.benegal, for reminding us what we have ungratefully forgotten..


erratica said...

nice one....*i have decided to limit my comment to two words to heed elixir's advice of not showing off ;)* really nice story

Stone said...

Hmm…damn fascinating mystery… isn’t it?

Angel said...

This time I guessed it was Bose...he is one of my fave freedom fighters, more coz I had to do project on his life :)

sqrl/NT said...

Well, I shd read more about him...

manuscrypts said...

erratica: elixir was just joking..:).. continue showing off ;)

stone: u bet!!

manuscrypts said...

angel: u still have it??

sqrl/nt: u shd check out the massive research that Hindustan Times did (i think) last year..

Ash said...

Hmm, thats a movie Id really like to see.

By the way, I had the ill fortune of watching "Kya Kool Hai Hum" over the weekend ... AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGH !

Someome please shoot Ekta Kapoor. Hypocritical b**** !

coolcat said...

very nice ... wish that did really happen. Thank you to you too :)

Poornima said...

I first thought it was something on the lines of "The man who liked Dickens"...

Well, I guess I should read up more on this 'undiscovered hero'!

manuscrypts said...

ash: but its making money apparently...shooting her- that'll make you a serial killer !!:)

coolcat: :)... i wish it happened too ..

Angel said...

unfortunately I had to submit it at school, it was my tenth standard project :(

manuscrypts said...

poornima: definitely.... ht has done an extensive research..worth reading

angel: :(

Anonymous said...

I like Bose and the kind of freedom fighters he stood for. Hope to catch the movie.

blokes said...

Shyam Benegal has made a movie on SCBose? Will have to catch it sometime. As a teen I was all for SCBose & his idea for freedom. Oh well... we ended up with Nehru & his politics.

GratisGab said...

You did your part alright! How do you get these ideas!!!??!!

Anz said...

hey nice one...netaji's work was awesome and i was in favor of his idealogy regarding freedom :)

manuscrypts said...

queer: yup, u should ..

blokes: he has, and has got himself a truckload of controversies too... fortunately, the movie got released..

manuscrypts said...

gratisgab: i really dont

anz: so, saw the movie??

Pallavi said...

I havent watched the movie yet..

Anonymous said...

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