Monday, January 02, 2006

Two thousand sicks

No, i wouldnt be able to manage that many sicks
so the few below are my picks..
Its another year, so lend me your ear
and listen to this year's list of what will be fun to hear...

Harry will object to the British tabloids' findings that he is a half blood prince.
Ajay Devgan will become the first actor in the world to respond to all incoming calls.
Paris Hilton will finally get married and become a Desperate Housewife.
Pawar politics will not hamper the future of Indian cricket.
Yana Gupta will get intelligent enough to play chess, and perhaps then checkmate me ;) (that should be easy)
Natwar Singh will get cholesterol conscious and have less oil in his food.
Ekta Kapoor will launch Kkaun Banega Mera Pati?
Williams, driven by Narain Kartikeyan will narrowly lose to Michael Schumacher's Ferrari.
Young Indian bloggers will get the global recognition they deserve.
English Premier League champions ManU will thank this blog for its continued support.
Aamir Khan will get married to Kiran and on his honeymoon will hear a familiar voice saying kkkkkkiran, if you aren't happy with The Rising, Main Hoon Na....
Radha will remain a character in Hindu mythology and will not reincarnate in the form of people like Panda.

until next time, that does make a Happy New Year, you know :)
PS: Last year's list


Parna said...

Lol. Happy New Year to you too Manu Man. hope you have a good one.

Deez said...

a great year recounted :)
until next time, have a greater year ahead......

Pallavi said...

Happy new year to you..
That was funny LOL !!

Hyde said...

It is one year already?

manuscrypts said...

parna: you too :)

deez: :)

manuscrypts said...

pallavi: thank ye :)

hyde: yup, they changed it again this jan 1 :)

aqua said...

good i think
are all the picks
except for y
i wonder why..
its a little cold
since it leaves out the old..
happy new year manu..

Anz said...

LOL that was funny....Happy New Year, may this year be filled with all the happiness, success, joy and smiles coming your way. Take Care!

A Cynic in Wonderland said...

Appy new year

Demi Goddezz said...

happy new year dude! LOL! lol !

phatichar said...

that was a neat list..happy new year to you too pal! Take care..

Nupur said...


{BIG HUG} Happy New Year to you Manu and thats a very pretty pic of the Golden Temple - shall see it for the first time this Feb - finally! :D

manuscrypts said...

aqua: Never intended for it to be cold,
especially given the fact that old is gold :)

anz: you have a great 2006 too :)

manuscrypts said...

cynic: how've you been? hope you have an arson free year ;)

demi goddezz: a happy new year to you too :)

manuscrypts said...

phatichar: a happy new year to you too :)

nupur: i went hunting on google for a crowd of sikhs, and liked this option best...
and a very happy new year to you too :)

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