Thursday, June 29, 2006

Going Bananas

Over at Sony TV, they are starting a new serial based on a banana - since it is in Hindi, they are calling it Akela..
It was one of those Mini Super Sundays again, when the World Cup was happening, and there was cricket and there was Formula 1. The interesting point is that in all of these, there are 22 players on the field/track.. it was one of those times, when the viewer experiences a Catch 22 situation, literally..
I loved this on a T Shirt - "Brokeback Mountain - Do the Dude".. Loved it in a purely creative sense...
So, who really is the man of steel now - this guy or this ?
Condoleezza Rice has said that "And I'm gender-neutral, although obviously I like to see women in any position" .. hmm, interesting.. of course she was speaking about the UN secretary general position :)
They call this game Text Twist now, but long long before, almost two decades ago, we used to have it as a competition in inter school fests... a lot of times i used to come out

until next time, yup, its one of those posts ;)


Mirage said...

Lol! Someone's awfully bored! :P

Ekta said...

Do the dude!:-)

Anonymous said...

AND the Rice one is for the google hits?

hum ho


sqrlnt said...

the Rice quote is serioudly Brokeback..:)

BTW i am no longer in the silent mode:)

Anz said...

hehe...neat n the best of the lot was the Rice one ;)

Stone said...

and wimbledon too!

manuscrypts said...

mirage : :))

hey ekta, its an industry... long time back, i had seen one that said 'Saving Ryan's privates' :)

manuscrypts said...

austere: hmmmph, that was singularly meant for the double entendre..

sqrl/nt: thats nice.. shall pull you back from there :)

manuscrypts said...

anz: :)

stone: of course, i forgot...

GratisGab said...

what happened to the little sories? Bring 'em back!

Arunima said...

I love the game too.I mean text twist.

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