Monday, August 28, 2006

Chit Chat

Apart from the odd skeletons in my closet, i also keep a few games, of the computer kind. this is about both... For a few months now, i have been frustrated at Level 6 of 'Claw'. I resisted the urge to get the cheatcode for quite sometime, but finally succumbed and relived the sheer delight of having beat the system.
Relived, because there was a phase when using 'chits' to beat the educational system was a thrill. From the mundane of keeping 'educational material' in shirt sleeves to swallowing the material when there was a chance of getting caught by the shrewd exam invigilator, even education had exciting moments. The small pieces of paper with whole chapters in micro fontsize writing are a work of art, and mind you, making them is as difficult as studying. :)
So, as a part of the reliving,i thought of making a version of some terminology in the world of chits..
Application Development - A complex process in which the requirements are firmed up, the study material is analysed, and the number and kind of chits decided and get made.
ASCII- Accepted Standard Code for Information Interchange, used for Shareware.
Booting - The intitation of the chit usage process, named after the most common accessory used to store chits.
Cache - a dynamic pool of chits which are passed from batch to batch.
Developer - A person who makes chits.
Extensible Markup Language (XML) - A language that provides a format for describing structured data. This facilitates more precise declarations of content and more meaningful search results across multiple chits. A tool developed specifically for Wannabes, to extend their abilities and take their marks up.
Firewall - It is an entity that tries to prevent a Trojan Horse from entering. Strip searching is an example.
Green Card - The result of a successful use of chits. Named after the feeling evoked in other developers.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) - The protocol used to transfer chits between developers working in groups. The most common is hand to hand and the best innovation reported was using the belt loop/pocket of the invigilator. Named so because of the tendency of the developers to become hyper during the transfer of text.
Icon - A highly evolved developer, he has knowledge of Norton and all possible Trojan Horses, and is constantly developing more.
Norton - An invigilator who recognises most Trojan Horses.every wannabe's worst nightmare and a foe that icons and some lesser developers relish.
Novice - One end of the spectrum, these guys are terrorised by the thought of getting caught, and sometimes 'hang' and dont return your answer papers (from which they had conveniently copied).
Oracle - The most developed Icon, he can predict the questions that will appear in the exam. He cant be bothered to write the answers during the exam. he would have already managed to get some blank answer papers, on which he would have already written answers to expected questions,he just uses this.
Shareware- Typically used by a group, who have an arrangement. This material can be used by all in the group, and if theres time and benevolence, by a novice.
Trojan Horse - The material used to bring in chits. It could be anything from the clothes one wears to reference books to plaster casts. The worst known trojan horse is a sweater in the middle of May.
Wannabe - He brings his own material, but has it in abundance, and can be seen searching the entire duration, because he doesnt know where he has kept what.

until next time, gotchit?


Prerona said...

hmmm. wheres you now? i'm in dubai. call or mail if you are around too

Arunima said...

Pranaam Guruji,

where were you when I was writing the exams?

sqrlnt said...

do you have a different terminology for writings on the bench??

silverine said...

That was brilliant!!!! rofl

Stone said...

Been there, done that and caught once :-)

Anonymous said...

Boss! You reminded me of someone who had to cheat in AN OPEN BOOK EXAM! Yes after all these years i'm still surprised...

The definations were awesome. Wish i knew you when i was struggling with med chem.


manuscrypts said...

prero: hmmph, not all mallus are in the gulf you know..hehe..

arunima: main to yeheen tha, aap ne bulaya nahi.. i work on the hanuman model, appear when asked for :)

manuscrypts said...

sqrl/nt: in early history, it was an occurence, then teachers got wise to it and started changing places for exams, and then started the chit era..

thx silverine :)

manuscrypts said...

stone: and what did they do to you, you poor soul?

austere: oye, dont dismiss them so lightly.. those tests are the worst.. because you cant predict the questions at all, and have to improvise inside the hall how exactly to source the answers..

Prerona said...

hey - didnt even know u were mallu! i just thought u were in dubai - sorry :( my mistake!

E said...

You haven't lost touch brother. And you have only got better. These were brilliant even for someone from the generation which knew FORTRAN. Quite out of place, like me ~ a non-mallu in Dubai!

manuscrypts said...

prero: i was kidding, no, not about the mallu bit, but otherwise..:)

E: ouch, i studied Fortran too!! floating dubai or stationary dubai?

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