Monday, September 18, 2006

Clothes make a man

I strongly believe that its one of the smarter sayings that came out when they used to make such sayings.. and the reason is nothing but the fact that it is so open ended and can be made to fit any situation, the statement, that is...Among the mallrats, a discount sale would make the statement 'Clothes make a man happy' (at the moment of purchase) and 'Clothes make a man broke' (after checking the card transactions).
On a sidenote - gentlemen, i am sorry, with the mall age, those shopping laws apply to men too, and its still okay to be in denial..
in the context of all those wet sari sequences in Bollywood which they have now replaced with music videos, clothes make a man____.....Those were just examples to illustrate the usage of the saying.. Getting back, in my case, it can be suitably altered to 'Clothes make a man disturbed'... and this is not a recent phenomenon..
it started from when, a couple of decades back, my favourite pair of shorts was converted into what could pass of as a short skirt with a slit, by a maid who had her own ideas about the stitch in time.. the stitches were so meticulously removed that not even ninety stitches could mend it, forget nine.. couldnt sew it, couldnt sue her either!! One of my other disturbing memories is that of a nice black shirt being converted by a washing machine into what Snow White could wear to a funeral.. a jet black shirt with puffs of white all over.. by the time i knew about inside out and floss, the flaws made the shirt unusable..
These days, we have a washing machine who comes in everyday morning, and wreaks havoc on my clothes.. She adds dark colors to light shades and vice versa, on close inspection, i think i can see floral prints too, the choice of colors definitely makes her a Govinda fan...and my trousers, when i see them flapping around like Thakur's sleeves on the clothesline,i shudder.. not for anything else, but for the subtle chinese-like designs that have been added to them by punctilious use of the bar soap.. yes, i guess the stories they have of chinese tortures using bars of soap after removing the trousers must be true..
yes, clothes make a man disturbed... next time, you see someone with clothes which shouldntbe having floral prints or weird designs, and a disturbed look, it could be me, or is it just me?

until next time, some issues cant be ironed out..


Cherie! said...

Yeah they just in crease!

Perspective Inc. said...

LOL!! If only ALL men understood that... :)

Ariel said...

It's simple really. You just gotta separate the coloureds from the whites and the other light ones, and then run separate washes.

Or you could do what I, in infinite quest to perfect the art of being domestic goddess (the husband calls it being anal), do. You could handwash all your shirts separately.

Oh but no, it wasn't my intention to give you boring advice on how to do your laundry. I'm quite sure you know of the above. And I'd like to think that I am so much more interesting than just you know, someone who dishes out laundry advice.

I dropped by to read you after seeing your comment in my blog and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your first post.

Will be stopping back for more, methinks.

You have a nice day. :-)

Hiren said...

Clothes do make a difference but what is inside is equally important. One feels energetic if one is in the profession of one's liking- Make your passion your profession

manuscrypts said...

cherie! : pun is fun :)

PI: understanding is one thing and accepting is another..

manuscrypts said...

ariel: daily washing machine doesnt understand the concept of separate washes.. and @ me handwashing the shirts..uhuh, this is safer :)

hiren: whoa!!

Swapna said...

I guess first impressions do use clothes as a standard. :) ...