Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hu mour?

Who would have thought that i'd be writing a post on the Chinese president's visit to India, but all the possibilities below,and the ones that you'd come up with encouraged me to write this Who's Hu post!! Of course some sceptics would call it chinese torture..
One fine morning, Manmohan Singh wakes up to the ringing of his doorbell. He opens the door and is shocked to hear a smiling Oriental sing
'Jaanam dekh lo, mit gayee dooriyan,
Main yahaan, Hu yahaan, Hu yahaan, Hu yahaan'
and so the conversation starts
He: Who are you?
Hu: I am the president of China
He: No, Hu is the president of China
Hu: I am Hu
He: Thats what I have been asking! who are you?
after a while, once the identity issues have been cleared

He: Who says Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China?
Hu: Yes, Hu says Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China.
He: I am glad you agree, but who can resolve this?
Hu: Yes, Hu can resolve this.
For now, i shall stop this line of thought, and let you guys add on, and draw your attention to all the other possibilities..

Jackie Chan suing Hu for the title of his autobiography 'Hu am I'...
Pepsi bringing back the campaign 'Hu Ha India, Aaya India'
Maruti Esteem launching in China with the line 'Hu's big car is this?'
okay okay, dont create a hullabaloo now..

until next time, who wants to add on?


Aditi said...

fairly good attempt.. it was kinda funny..
but jokes apart i wonder what the visit means

Grafxgurl said...

WHO flung dung!?!!
HU Flung Dung!!!

E said...

Hu's sari now?

Cherie! said...

Hu tutu? Kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi

dobereinerr said...

Hu's Yur Deddy...

Wish the dude could say this to the countless homeless orphans in India, and follow through on the dialogue...

austere said...

raised eyebrow.

Alien said...

Hu wrote this about Hu??

phatichar said...

Hularious.. :)

(inspired by the Bush-Hu-Condoleeza conversation, eh?)

manuscrypts said...

aditi: to promote the bhai-bhai concept

grafxgurl: yes, who? :)

manuscrypts said...

e: you tell me

cherie: the chinese play that too?

manuscrypts said...

dobereinerr: he might say that to a select few in Kerala and Bengal :)

austere: er, why would that be, ma'am?

manuscrypts said...

alien: who do you think?

phatichar: actually wasnt, but i did do a google after i read your comment, will make my own version soon :)

blokesablogin said...

certainly made the who's hu list! or was it Hu's who?! thanx for the laughs.

sangy said...

guess who made the worst hu joke of 'em all?our very own vice prez. mr.shekhawat, who left a partially somnolent audience, including yours truly,who had been listening to his speech (explains the somnolence), wide-eyed and disbelieving. how? by addressing the chinese prez as mr. hu 'jinaatao'...cringe..