Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Actually Happened

Dravid: We lost, again
Chappell: The way you played, that was expected
Dravid: But you are supposed to be the coach, arent you?
Chappell: Exactly, i cant play the match for you, can I?
Dravid: Thank God, it might have been worse
Chappell: Careful mate, i am not paid to listen to this trash
Dravid: Oh yeah, try this then
Dravid's scream was echoed by the next day's papers, whose headlines screamed
"Dravid out of ODI series following injury ... An avulsion fracture on the middle finger of his right hand has ruled Rahul Dravid out of the rest of the ..."
until next time, cracks in the wall..


Arunima said...

lol @ the true version of how Dravid is out of the match.

Hyde said...

LOL @ Dravid's tale. Have forwarded it to colleagues at work.

sanguine said...

hee hee .. kya dimaag chalta hai .. waah .

San said...


hahaha please can I link this?

Cherie! said...

Get plastered!

Stone said...

hahahahaha....too good!!!
Lets see, what happens Dada :-)

Alien said...


dobereinerr said...

A middle finger salute. For getting the inside story hehehe ;D

Kavi said...


abhishek said...

Haha..I'm forwarding this to my bro.

manuscrypts said...

arunima: you were perhaps the only one who read both the stories :)

hyde: *sigh* missed the viral opportunity to become an overnight blog celebrity ;)

manuscrypts said...

sanguine: thank you ji :)

san: i have very strong opinions about free publicity. always feel free :)

manuscrypts said...

cherie: dump poetry and come over to the dark side :)

stone: back to the noodles story, aur kya?

manuscrypts said...

alien: :)

dobereinerr: hehe

manuscrypts said...

hey kavi..

abhishek: ah! another viral opportunity *eyes glinting*