Thursday, February 22, 2007

Beeping Bips

On Koffee with Karan, John had this to say about Priyanka
"I've worked with her, and i never heard her say no to anything"

anything, John? hmmm

until next time, spilling the beans?


Ricercar said...

:) do you like her? i have so far heard guys saying they adore her or hate her

arvindiyer said...

Hmmm well been seein the latest promo of the Sanjay leela bansali and Mallika interview with Kofee with (Gay) Karan!!!
makes me wanna throw up!!!

Kavi said...

Bean there, done that...! ;)

Isha said...

some people can say fully the most stupid things on national tv

manuscrypts said...

prero: love bips, priyanka is okay :)

arvind: hey, how've you been? i thought mallika was funny ..hehe

manuscrypts said...

kavi: uh huh?

isha: actually, most people :)

austere said...

Atleast she was the most sensible part of Don.