Monday, April 23, 2007

Identification Parade

A few moons ago, Prero had a neat post on the five songs she most identified with, and asked us to make our own. And so i did, (though she says i have to make a new list :( )and these were my top 5, and irrespective of what the lyricists had in mind, this is what they mean to me..
High Hopes- Pink Floyd My anthem for perhaps two of the most wonderful years.. everything fits - the grass was greener, the nights of wonder, with friends surrounded... the causeway and the endless river..
Time-Pink Floyd The template of a possible life, and the home town life and the plans could have fitted so well, but perhaps (andthankfully) not.
Telegraph Road-Dire Straits Life, change, and the effects it has, the lyrics somehow capture very well our actions and their consequences.
Cats in the Cradle (Ugly Kid Joe) Almost the same as the one above, except that this one gets more personal and human.
Just before it gets dark - Emmy Lou Harris Perhaps there is a common theme in all the songs - of nostalgia, dreams etc. This one has the added characteristic that it was also featured in one of my favourite shows-Taken.

And so, that was the identification parade. My favourite songs, these and other, also have a lot to do about the time i first heard them, be it during my school, engg college, post grad, first job...and so on. Somehow, they also get associated to my life and times at that point in time, and so every time i hear these songs, its not just the music that gets me, its also those bittersweet bouts of nostalgia..

until next time, maybe life is just a song :)


Orhan Kahn said...

And hopefully it is a beautiful song :)

Kavi said...

All songs are songs that i have liked / identified with at some point or the other..! Looks like we have things in common..!

Perspective Inc said...

Interesting choice of songs, they all have been my favorites at some point or the other.. but floyd's time is an all time fave!

manuscrypts said...

OK: we all hope :)

kavi: hey, make your own list :)

manuscrypts said...

PI: we're all templaes, i guess :)