Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gestation Time

She hated this wait. It had been many months now, and she still had some more to go, before the result showed. She was a bit nervous. It definitely wasn't the first time that she was going through this, but she was still young, and not, lets say, a seasoned player, though how anyone could be a seasoned player inspite of multiple experiences was something beyond her imagination, since every experience in this regard was a unique one, with its own set of ups and downs and idiosyncrasies.
He was not exactly what you could call a big help, though he was definitely much sweeter and understanding than most others of his breed. She had heard enough horror stories to realise and appreciate that, but unfortunately it was more of her cross than his. But wait, it wasn't exactly a cross and besides, in his own right, he would be tense too, but he couldn't or rather wouldn't show it to her. She wasn't sure if it was a 'man' thing- this entire show of bravado, when being tense.
But, to be fair to him, he had been very supportive and understanding when she had mentioned her desire to him. He thought it was pretty natural. In fact he had initiated the process and gone through it without much fuss. In fact, she thought, that was an understatement, because it had been pure pleasure.
But she hated this wait, especially since one couldn't be too sure of everything turning out right, because though both of them had defintely played their parts, the higher powers had a say in it too. But though she hated the wait, she would grin and bear, after who could every say no to appraisals and increments?

until next time, the thought was conceived after reading this :)


Ankur said...

wow... reading this was a treat

Kavi said...

Great piece ! As usual ! Loved reading this..

Bips m said...

ahhhh....well said manu!

Stone said...

hahahaha you r the best!!!

Ricercar said...


reminds me of days left behind ... hopefully forever. i so dont want to be back in that rat race

sanguine said...

ya it is time , isnt it ?

btw , you can watch repeat telecast of wonder years n howser on the same day at 12 pm in the night (mon / tues respectively) or on saturday afternoon at 1 pm .. back to back ..
i do n it just makes my weekend :)

Orhan Kahn said...

You are quite an amazing writer. I am impressed!

Arunima said...

o my God!

lol. now, I should think of writing another post based on this. :-)

manuscrypts said...

thx, ankur :)

kavi: thx man :D

manuscrypts said...

bips: thank ye :)

stone: nah :)

manuscrypts said...

prero: but not all races are with rats... but yes, to each his own :)

sanguine: yup, i catch it on saturdays, and its my ringtone these days :)

manuscrypts said...

thanks orhan :)

arunima: shall eagerly await :)