Sunday, July 08, 2007

Making my trip

The flight was delayed by over 2 hours, which meant that i was taking potshots at anything resembling a Go Air employee and in some cases, other passengers whose flights were on time :)

He: Have you scanned it?
Me: Yup, did that at home. Don't think i have forgotten anything.
He: I meant the machine, sir
Me: Then why don't you ask the machine?

He: (while trying to elbow his way past me during the security check): (pointing to the machine): My phone's in there, let me through.
Me: (after letting him past): Where do you think mine is?

He: (while telling me to use the entry at the back of the plane) You can go behind.
Me: Behind who?
He: I meant backside
Me: Behind whose backside?
And as they kept running laps on the runway without taking off, i loudly sang "Udhale Udhale..."
D refused to allow me to have more fun. I especially missed asking the air hostess, whose name was Smitha, whether her first name was Silk.
In fact D was so rude, she pointed to me, when they came around with the trash cart.

until next time, way to Go?


Cyberkitty said...

Ha Ha, good comebacks! I usually meekly answer thier questions.

Sreejith said...

unfortunately my 'go air' experience included 4hrs on sitting on the delhi runway waiting for the fog to clear :( during the course of which we had to plead with the airhostess to open the doors to let in some fresh air because someone had let 'go of some air' :P

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, sometimes you do deserve the trash cart. I remember the time when we met over dinner and you were getting on her nerves.


Bips m said...

hahaha...atleast we can rely on these flights for some entertainment if nothing else...

San said...

lol .. the other day i got this email about funny come back lines and my first thought was to mail it you!

e said...

Air! Air!

Anz said...

ha ha....finally a delayed flight leads to some entertainment for us. my fav. "udhale udhale"

How do we know said...

Next time, the category should be "Super Humor".. there is nothing attempted in this.. its really cool!

Stone said...


Ginger Girl said...

lol.... sab Go-lmaal hai!

Kavi said...

The tag says 'attempted humour' ! Must say it was a good attempt at that ! Enjoyed it thoroughly !

yes..indeed it is time to go

manuscrypts said...

cyberkitty: me too, but i have my days too :)

sreejith: yuck!! :D

manuscrypts said...

TCWB: oh, thats just another expression of love :D

Bips: very true :)

manuscrypts said...

san: why didnt you!! :)

e: :)

manuscrypts said...

anz: sigh..wish my fellow passengers had your sense of humour :)

hdwk: ah,thank you, but lets play safe :)

manuscrypts said...

hey stone :)

gg: good one :)

manuscrypts said...

kavi: we win some, we lose some :)

~nm said...

The last one with D pointing at you when they came for trash was the best! sure it may not be for you but for us it sure was :D

P.S. You don't know me and neither do I. Just found your blog link through someone..thats how blogworld works..right? :D

manuscrypts said...

nm: on the contrary, i thought it was funny, and made a good finale..:)
PS: yup, thats what i hear :D

Therestlessquill said...

Listen, it's humour or it's not. And this one is. Stop trying to be inversely modest with 'attempted' :) This was very funny!
My go air experience meant I almost missed my own wedding because they'd cancelled the flight I was booked on. Of course, in inimitable style, they forgot to inform me.

IdeaSmith said...

LOL...if your comebacks are witty, D is absolutely explosive!! I don't suppose any trip with you is boring at this rate.