Monday, September 10, 2007

Faced Out

I asked a question on facebook recently 'Is facebook just a phase', like cerelac, toy cars, comics etc and more importantly, as we become older, virtual orkut and real relationships. Its perhaps part of the overall picture of decreasing attention spans, the need for instant gratification and the gradual extinction therefore, of patience.
Patience to seek and find answers, patience to sit through the 5 minute ad break, patience to discover new things, patience to wait in the atm queue, patience to understand people, patience to wait till the site loads, patience to work on relationships and so on...Since that's being lost, is virtual networking an easy escape route, where virtuality allows us to bypass the difficulties of working on relationships, where entry and exit strategies are much easier, where scraps can be started and ended with scraps, and the writings on the wall are easy to do and undo, where it might be easier to live with masks?
Or is it the opposite, moving on to a plane where masks become redundant? Is that why we are so hooked on, is that what we mean by convenience? Is it wrong, hell no, i am just wondering :)

until next time, face off


burf said...

in chorus

yea man, face off


Sreejith said...

i love facebook! i can send drinks on it. *hic* instant gratification u said.

Well Heeled said...

I agree with what sreejith said..


austere said...

Nothing comes free.
With all these changes to the psyche- I'm not saying hits or whatever- one wonders what the human mind will be like, a century from now.

Tys on Ice said...

never been to facebook. My wife swears by it. She talks abt chuking sheeps etc...i have no idea whts going on, especially since shes with PETA...these community sites always made me claustrophobic..too many people..I call orkut , oru kuttam alkar ( a lot of people - in mallu)..

Spunky Monkey said...

I think it's the relative anonymity. That's what attracts people.
Make a fake profile, and go to another's you always fancied, and say things you never thought you were capable of. "ur boobs r gr8, wana frand?", or whatever.
It's like a personal triumph to them.
Also, a wee bit sad.

Nice blog you have, manuscrypts.

Deepika said...

Instant gratification...absolutely. Like instant soups, instant brownie mixes, instant gulabjamun mixes. Looks like with in this era of "instant"-cy everything else becomes redundant.

Jayanth S said...

Try BigAdda now.. :)

Red Ginger said...

guess it's a bit of both... masking and unmasking :-)

manuscrypts said...

burf: :)

sreejith: virtual :)

manuscrypts said...

well heeled: haha, i can see a lot of people would be inclined to :)

austere: yes, a thought indeed, and i dont know if our imagination is sufficient to explore that..

manuscrypts said...

TOI: thats a good one.. did you notice your acronym is similar to a paper? ;)

thanks, spunky monkey

manuscrypts said...

deepika: for how long, and where do we go from here?

jayanth: have already been there, and dont even want to try

manuscrypts said...

red ginger: yes, i think you've put it just right :)