Monday, September 03, 2007

Ram Gopal Varma ki ma!@#$%^

Ram Gopal Varma's gags should be stopped, period!! His next movie should be "How to make a big B movie with Big B". Coz thats what he has done, taken 3 national award winning actors and made the biggest B-grade movie ever. (with due apologies to B grade movie makers, dont sue me)

With Mohanlal, Big B, Ajay Devgan, Sushmita Sen, guess who gets maximum screen time - Nisha Kothari as ghunghroo, basanti's new age avtaar!! I wouldnt have minded much if she stuck to her regular attire, but no, RGV made the cardinal mistake of trying to make her act. Since basanti's horse cart was replaced by an auto, she had to do both Basanti's and Dhanno's roles, and as far as dubbing goes, she succeeded, coz she sounded like a child that they might have had while horsing around!!!

And poor poor Mohanlal, who in my view is the finest actor around, bar none. i wonder how RGV convinced him to wear a beard that must have come out of Anil Kapoor's waxed remains or something, I am sure RGV didnt pay for it. That, or somewhere, some bear is missing its posterior fur!!

And Chakravarty (Satya), Rajpal Yadav and VJ Gaurav, all in roles which competed with Nisha Kothari's regular costumes and acting talent in terms of miniscule-ness. To cut a long story short, the only entity that deserves Aag is RGV's factory, they really should set fire to that place.

Until next time, aaaarghhh

Source: Unknown

PS: This post is issued in public interest (the fact that this blog has attempted a review is proof of that)


pearl said...

that bad ? Can't believe its the same man who gave us satya and sarkar ...

Balanarayan said...

Somehow i quite liked the movie!

austere said...

'Manuji is a brave man'

Cyberkitty said...

Oooh, the movie must be really horrible for you to write about it like that. I promise I'll never see it!!!

burf said...

i have heard similar reviews of the movie too

Adorable Pancreas said...

I never meant to see it anyway, thanks for strengthening my resolve.

Arunima said...

you watched it? ;-)

TOI said that Nisha has made a kachumber out of ole Basanti.

pearl said...

Afterthought: RGV also made Nishabdh and Naach :D

Sreejith said...

ram gopal varma ki aag.. extremely flame-able :D

Pallavi said...

have you listened to mehbooba song... its so pathetic..

god what was he thinking ???

Tys on Ice said...

Its weird...i used to like this chappies movies..but been hearing a lot of bad review abt this one...maybe I will go and check it out...i had watched sholay abt 13 times. Not out of choice but it was the only bloody movie playing in Wellington movie hall, when we had our second saturday outing for a long time...Trust me on this, Basanti can get to you after the 5th time...its a lil like marraige..

manuscrypts said...

pearl: the higher they go...

balu: "i have my standards, however low they might be" (i forgot who, think za za gabor) :D

manuscrypts said...

austere: yes, since i know the underworld doesnt read this :D

cyberkitty: hehe, that it is :)

manuscrypts said...

burf: not uncommon at all

AP: absolutely my pleasure :)

Rupesh said...

bad movie, nice review.. ;)

manuscrypts said...

arunima: for once, i agree

pearl: which were also bad, in my view

manuscrypts said...

sreejith: yup, inflames passions!!!

pallavi: nisha kothari, obviously :D

manuscrypts said...

tys: abso agree

haha, thanks rupesh :)

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