Thursday, October 18, 2007

And that leaves only

Kolkata. Which is phenomenal by my standards, as though of you who've read the previous post might have realised. As for the others, all it takes is one sentence to bring you upto speed- i hate travelling.
But this year has seen me visiting 3 of the (erstwhile only) 4 metros in the country.
Mumbai - February - last visited 2006 April, and that was only because i had to get inducted, professionally, that is. Judging by my tenure, fat lot of good it did. I was a frequent Mumbai visitor in the 80'sthough - before the bhai stuff became popular. No, there's no connection. Shivaji Park was the usual venue, with a bit of Peddar Road and Malabar Hill thrown in. And then i stopped going to school, and that ended the summer vacations.Sigh
Chennai - August - last visited 1999 or was it 95? Damn, i'm really getting old. 95 is easier to remember because of the 12th Std results and the giant B&W poster of Aishwarya Rai to celebrate it. Yup, its 99 coz i boarded the Corromandel Exp from there for my first Kolkata trip.
Delhi - September and October - last visited 1993. And a much forgettable trip.
I dont think I'll do Kolkata, at least that leaves my tarnished record some chances of redemption ;)

until next time, traveller's outlook


Mirage said...

Delhi?? Forgettable?!? Duuuude!

You have got to come back and change tht false perception!! >:[

Angry Delhiites are not a very pretty sight! Grrr!

kpowerinfinity said...

You are writing this when it is THE time to visit Calcutta -- when all Calcuttans are enveloped in the fun and fare of Puja. No better time to visit -- buy a ticket now :-)

Shobha said...

Neither have I managed to go to Cal...I have been wanting to go there for so long...Sigh..Not been able to :( I'm finally going to Goa, maybe Cal ka time bhi ayega...:)

Tys on Ice said...

always wanted to go to Cal...wife talks abt it in glowing terms, says that its one place which u will either hate or fall in love with...isnt it just plain weird that every place in India qualifies for that? All i want to do is go to the eateries and tea shops..

manuscrypts said...

mirage: check the post titled 'nude ellie' :)

kpi: :)

manuscrypts said...

shobha: must see , at least once

tys: agree.. btw, food is dirt cheap there :D