Monday, November 19, 2007

Write, said Ideasmith

On how to write, and since some of the best bloggers have been part of the tag and written well about it, and since subjective views can go on forever, i shall impose a constraint on myself and try to express what i feel makes the written word interesting to the reader... The constraint is that i will stick to the brief, to the letter
Words - Not because Boyzone said so, but they remain the only means with which to convey the writer's expression to the reader. Hence they must be chosen with care, for a single word can open up a world of emotions or reduce it to nothingness. In essence, words being the building material for any literary work, should be used with care.
Rhetoric - While words might be the building material, the writer has to sense how to use them. Just like good building material can be wasted without a plan, if the words do not flow in a manner thats interesting to others, their reason for existence is lost.
Imagination - What makes the written word interesting is not just how it is written, but what is written, and this is where the mental wanderings of the writer come into play. While its definitely possible to make the oft repeated tale interesting, a new thought definitely has the advantage in holding the reader's attention.
Translation - The wandering can throw up several images for the writer to use, but if they are not translated properly into the written form of expression, they are wasted. The success of the written piece depends on the clarity with which it is communicated to the reader.
Introspective - The writer should be open to introspection, becuse more often than not, the best ideas are within. And not just the ideas, but the words of expression and all of the final text. For if an idea is given to a person, so is the power to fulfil it.
Non Subjective - It is often debated that the writer writes for self expression, and the views of the reader have only so much value. I, for one, would love to get the perspective of the reader too, and therefore, when writing , view the written word from a vantage point that i think the reader would have.
Gripping - fiction, non fiction, humour, drama - whatver be the context and content of the writing, it should be able to holdthe reader's attention. If its through a new idea or perspective, great, if not, at least through the way in which it is presented. For if the interest wanes, then the purpose is defeated.

until next time, write on.
PS. Austere, Prerona, Tys, would be great if you can pick up the tag :)


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Tys on Ice said...

jeez manu...iam sure u tagged me as a compliment but buddy , after reading wht u wrote iam totally intimidated...i sort of write whtever nonsense comes to my head and since nature has made me a lil dense, i seem to have a penchant for writings where the joke is always on me...

but i will take this tag and try to do justice...thnks....and thnks for the tips

Much ado about nothing.... said...

Those should come handy.... :-)

And me always thought writing is an art, either you are good at it or you arent...

Wonder if one can really 'learn' to 'write'?? Fine tune yes..but beyond that?

austere said...

huh? Who, me?

Just let 'er go and write!
I dont have nothing to share Manuji. Nil theories to pontificate.No soapbox. No trademark "this way it works bestest"


manuscrypts said...

tys: haha, and hey, those werent tips :D

MAAN: its said that every person can write one story, his, the rest is a variable

manuscrypts said...

austere: :(