Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Finish

On a busy city road, they raced. Only one knew the race was on. And he was sure of winning, until his 'opponent' took a turn. Quite like life, he thought, the way he compared and competed with others. Perhaps the challenge was to not to win the race, but to figure out one’s destination.

until next time, race on


100rabh™ said...

Good Thought

Anonymous said...

ahh.. the travails of the rat race

Much ado about nothing.... said... the extent that we let the entire chasing and overtaking exercise determine where we want to go!

manuscrypts said...

100rabh: thank ye :)

sreejith: yup yup, i remember your facebook status a while back on opting out of the race :)

manuscrypts said...

MAAN: so right.