Thursday, January 10, 2008

Love story

Unknown to each other, they were..
A smile and a word between them
And thus began a friendship rare
Best of friends, they became
A smile and a word between them
And lo, their love was for all to see,
Dearest of lovers, they were
A smile and a word
One love story became two

until next time, transience..
PS: D gave me a dirty look after this, so perhaps its best to have a disclaimer - Its not subjective :)


austere said...

Uh huh.

I rest my case.

Epiphany said...

the love of silence...or the love of words? :)

Stone said...

Be careful buddy!!!

Risk involved in writing such stuff is way too much :-)

manuscrypts said...

austere: the last bit doesnt have a 'between them', thats the story :)

epiphany: neither

manuscrypts said...

stone: always :D