Friday, June 27, 2003

Live Dead

I dont know if it is done abroad, but it sure is a first in India. A crematorium in Gujarat is now using web cam and yahoo to transmit cremations live!! Its meant for Gujarati diaspora spread across the globe. Everyone everywhere is trying to get people to stay as glued to the monitor as possible.
Read an interesting article on how the evolution of consumer durables in india directly affected the construction of homes and the arrangement of particular rooms.Once upon a time, long before Tv came in, the fridge occupied a prime place in the sitting room.People used to sit in their verandah, have a chat , show off their fridge and come inside for quick snacks. Then, when tv first arrived, there were only a few families who had them, so those which had got frequent visitors and conversations were held in the sitting room, while watching TV. Then tv became a household phenomenon and social visits got further reduced, and in the ones that did happen,tv came to be an unwanted they made a family room upstairs where the tv could be kept, and then home theatres happened, and thats being shown off now. Its a cycle but why is it that most of these innovations have been instrumental in reducing direct human contact.
i can honestly say, without attributing it to hindu fatalism (as westerners love to say) that what i knew to be humanity earlier is counting its last days. No, it is not about old values or practices, the very thing that spawned "for the sake of humanity" now makes it seem a misnomer.And i believe technolgy had a big hand in it. Yes, i have to have my system, mp3 player , my cellphone etc, but cant i live without them? my grandad could, to an extent so can my dad, and they all seem to manage and be happy without them.To borrow from the buffy musical that was shown yesterday, we seem to be going through the motions of life. Isnt that an irony when the only thing that we came down here for is to live?So when we cant enjoy while we live, when r we gonna do it? which brings us to everyone's eternal question - is there life after death? will choose to answer the question in my later blogs ;-), maybe i can pick up a clue if i can get to see one of those live funerals!!
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Got it from an employee evaluation "This employee is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot"
Thats it for the week, enjoy your weekend, folks!

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