Thursday, June 26, 2003

Monster Thursday

I dont believe it, that dumb female Jennifer Aniston has been declared celebrity No: 1 by Forbes, my apologies to all the "Friends" fans, but no, puhleeese, i think the only fem worth mentioning in that star cast is Courtney Cox. Jennifer Aniston, no bleeding way! i have yet to find a way of expressing my dissatisfaction to Forbes, hmmm, good question, does it matter :-), well it does, to ME!! and no, the title of the day is not for ms anniston, though that would be deserved, that will come later in the some cds i purchased on the net, the first time without a cash on delivery option. got 3 cds of dire straits, and an assorted album, for 450.the quality is okay too. check out this guy, he has given an ad in the times classifieds online, at, he will b towards the last/last but one page if you follow the link of music, mp3. name is neil, based in pune. the ad page will lead you to his homepage, u have to check out whether it still works.have finished 'day of the jackal ' again!! cant find a good library, anyone in bangalore reading, feel free to guide me.from tomorrow on, i am gonna write on sublimal/ethereal subjects/philosophy/points to ponder/critiques on movies and ads, coz i have a strong feeling that the mundane activities in the life and times of yours truly are just not interesting reading material enough for my poor readers!! which brings us to
manuscrypts trivia
Pop quiz class!! who is my fave fem TV show character?? Oh ok i know it doesnt matter, but give it a shot...the clue is somewhere in this post for my loyal readers , that should be a no brainer, but for those, who are not, just goes to show where good reading can get you!! ;-)

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