Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Original Sin

Nope, its not about adam and eve, its just another attempt at wordplay, this time regarding an article i came across. Sahara TV's much hyped serial "Karishma" starring karishma was in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, supposedly the story was lifted from a novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford ,"A Woman of Substance". That author promptly filed a case for plagiarism. Oh, ok, you already know that. The latest is that, since we indians dont believe in copyrights, the author of the serial has replied with a lawsuit of his own, against BTB herself, for trying to defame him. Being original is a sin. Apology to all Angelina Jolie fans, but, this is how my title came about.Phew!! Oh fine, you can always vent your frustrations in the comments section!!Guess what, now there's a probe on ManU, for the way the entire Beckham transfer issue has been handled. Wonder what all this is building upto?!
Grrr, now for my frustrations, the latest fad seems to be forwarded Ganesha messages. As if the ones in my mailbox were not enough, now i get the stuff on my mobile too, threatening me with dire consequences if i didnt forward them, BUT i havent and wont, i mean, puhleeese, Ganesha would never want such cheap publicity, but i am wondering the motive of the guy who started it.Went shopping for my blog again, and this time , got a clock and a quotes section. hope u guys like it. I like it anyway, :-)
And hey, meanwhile,the self nominated supercop of planet earth has now set its sights on Iran.Will end with another fwd i got, "Once an elephant asked a camel, y do u have boobs on ur back?, the camel replied 'thats a f***ing good question from someone with a dick on his face"!!c, i get good forwards too, Oh, OK, it must be my tastes!! hehe
manuscrypts trivia
if you feel like answering some interesting questions about yourself, log on to friday five.havent done it yet myself, but only coz i didnt get the time, will do it sometime this week.

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