Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Coz the tooth is up there

Today's title is inspired the girl who married the dog in West Bengal, it seems many guys and girls do it there that way, c'mon guys , its not hedonism or anything, read the story here and find where the title comes from.And finally we get the Real news. El Beckham has finally reached Spain, congrats to him. And it seems he went for less than the 43 million that was earlier the agreed on figure. i still havent been able to objectively look at my loyalty issues concerning him and United, hehe, so what if it doesnt affect them, i can still have a stand, cant i??! ah, that brings me to the Rhyme of the Day
Though i had my fun at Old Trafford
My lifestyle, now they can ill afford,
Was a lil concerned about the Real/Barcelona row,
But it all boiled down to who could pay more Euro!!
Wonder if Posh can adjust to life in Spain
Even otherwise she is such a big pain
And if you are wondering why i am writing all this,
Bloke, it makes headlines even if i p**s!!
Read some interesting parallels about Hitler and the VHP, RSS etc on Andy's blog, check it out, its a good read.More on the mullahs in Iran here.Poor guys are confused about what to do on the new fundamentals of Arab society, “Democracy, whiskey, and sexy!” :-)
Bangalore had showers on Residency Road, thats where the Radio City office is, they always ask me to take my raincoat when i am about to get out for office, fell for it twice, but am now educated!! Cant blame them though, the clouds here remind me of that 'about to puke' feeling i get, and then i dont puke....Thats it for the day, will end with
manuscrypts trivia
Got this from i dont know where, but it seems there are only three words that end in 'ngry', angry, hungry and_____, i havent got it yet!! it seems that we see/feel it everyday!!!!

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