Thursday, July 03, 2003

Goan Rhapsody

First up, I have changed my music list,chucked out some old faves in the list, and list only current and hot... its way too similar to Saltwater Blues. (check out his site, its definitely worth your time)..He is from Goa, and so is Michelle!! thats where i was for a couple of years, when i was doing my MBA..its all what they say in the ads and more, the place, that is...hehe....The lifestyle is so so cool, they refuse to be hustled and bustled and enjoy life....thats what i love most about the place, and the beaches, and the time i spent there with new found friends....i did get a lil culture shock in the beginning, but that wasnt coz of Goa,but coz of the crowd in my institute, i wasnt used to any culture outside Kerala's....i guess what bonded me to Goa was that it was so similar in appearance and climate to my homestate....and the view from my window, that of the mandovi flowing lazily....its been almost 2 years since i left goa, but i still miss it so badly....soon as i can get the cash and the time, at one place and time :-), i'll b there....i miss the beaches, i miss the ferry rides, i miss the mandovi, i miss the movies at ashok and samrat in panjim, the late night rides to Dona Paula, and most of all, i miss my life there....Not in the mood for any serious talk today, i am feeling too nostalgic,will go home early and look at old albums...
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"I am not a complete idiot, some parts are missing" - Navin, a guy on one of my egroups

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