Wednesday, July 02, 2003

War against the machines

Nope, this is not about arnie's latest exploits...just thought i will give hinduism a break for a day and return to what i was shooting mymouth off, a couple of days back...I got a couple of notes from michelle and sapna, both forced me to think again, but..... Sapna says that if i am born with a silver spoon, i cant live without it, and its not that bad...true, i cant go lower, but arent i always trying to get a gold or platinum spoon, and at the end of the accumulation mania, isnt what is left a hollow question, can we ever teach ourselves to be content?? michelle is right in saying that if it leaves her happy, y shdnt she be having a cell, a player and other consumer goodies, my answer is the same as before, then why are we always cribbing, and looking for an outlet like this....from a different angle, i think what i amtrying to say is, :-), arnt the machines killing our social interaction? i am not talking about the easiness, yes, they have certainly revolutionised communication, but about the quality of interaction.honestly, wouldnt i prefer a face to face conversation than a few sms, chat or a call....when we talk about the good old days of college/university, isnt that what we are missing, the human element, the direct interaction?? but we have easier means now- the net, a cell......and the worst part, in my view is time crunching.....hmmm, that would be tomorrow's post....

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